Emmeline Peaches

Emmeline Peaches

Sexual and General Health and Wellness Writer

Emmeline Peaches is a sexual and general health and wellness writer and founder of the popular adult review site, Emmeline Peaches Reviews.

A vegan activist, sexual health advocate, vegan nutritionist, and ultrarunner, Emmeline brings her veganism in to every aspect of her career and has been featured in Vegan Food & Living, Cosmo, Elle, and on podcasts such as the Gymwits.

Emmeline’s adult content can be found at emmelinepeachesreviews.com her social media accounts can be found @emmelinepeaches.

Emmeline’s general wellness content can be found under thekindpeach.com.


Menstruating Morally: Creating A Vegan-Friendly Period

Menstruation is something that many individuals have to deal with monthly, and it is often second nature to rely on the high street options for menstruation. But are those products vegan?

The average UK woman will use 11,000 tampons in their lifetime, and each of those products is filled with chemicals and other harmful additions that then take centuries to decompose in landfills. Many also pollute rivers and oceans after being disposed of, making these one-use items highly unsustainable.

Thankfully there are alternatives, but even long-term menstrual products may not be inherently vegan. Some menstrual cups, for example, are tested on animals. So what’s a person to do?

This talk will discuss the issues surrounding veganism and menstruation. Through identifying exploring vegan menstrual options it will empower attendees to consider their period as a powerful for of vegan activism, all while giving practical solutions to a monthly moral consideration.

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