Elena Holmes

Elena Holmes

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Elena Holmes BSc (Hons.) Psychology; MA; MSc Nutritional Therapy; mBANT; mRSM; member of Plant-based Health Professionals UK

2016 – present
Self-employed Nutritional Therapist (‘Elena, Health, and Food’, www.elenahealthfood.com) working both with individual clients and delivering educational talks and workshops (various healthy living events or plant-based events (such as York Vegan Festival 2016, Plant-Powered Conference, London 2020, VegFest Online 2020)), and talks for various support and interest groups (North Yorkshire Chronic Pain support group, Selby Runners, Yorkshire Leading Ladies, etc.)

2016 – present
Writing articles and blogs about the whole-foods plant-based diet (Yorkshire Times, The Press, Marks & Spencers, etc.)

2018 – present
Independent researcher and a member of the Research Network of The Vegan Society

2018 Collaboration with Veganuary – prepared 21-day menu samples

2022 Collaboration with Plant-Based Health Professionals UK in preparing two modules for the Plant-based Sports Nutrition course


Key Dietary Concerns for Vegans

There are many myths and misconceptions about a vegan diet which often confuse those following a vegan diet and those who would like to give it a try. During this panel discussion, our experts will share the evidence, bust myths and help you to stay healthy on a vegan diet.

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