Edward Daniel

Edward Daniel

Vegan Chef and Cooking Demonstrator

Hi, my name is Edward and I am a passionate vegan chef with a recipe blog – www.ethivegan.com which has been going for around 10 years, with over 450 vegan recipes developed including catering to gluten-free, raw and paleo. I’ve published a cookbook and was chair of the Vegan Society, at one stage.


I also used to have my catering van called Matilda – that was a bit of an adventure…. Hats off to anyone that has their own business – it’s hard work.


Love being a cooking demonstrator – get the chance to speak at festivals including in Bali, Germany. and locally here in the UK too. What’s grand is answering people’s questions; we’re all learning. My motto with cooking is “If I can make it so can you”.


Am now moving into doing my own videos of recipes. Daunting but exciting too. So, watch this space. Otherwise, simply check out my recipe blog.



Fermentation; showing the simplicity of sauerkraut, kabocha and kefir which increases gut bacteria vitality.

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Nut Milks and Energy Balls

Nut milks and Energy balls; demonstrating the ease of homegrown nourishing milk at a fraction of the costs. And, use left-over pulp for energy balls.

Cookery Classes full timetable