Dr Sundhya Raman

Dr Sundhya Raman

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Sundhya Raman is the co-founder and director of My Wellness Doctor – a Lifestyle Medicine Health consultancy. She has a degree in Pharmacology & Physiology, a Medical degree from Guys, King’s and St Thomas’s, London, a PhD (D.Phil) in Genetics & Epigenetics from Oxford University and is a qualified Lifestyle Medicine physician with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine & British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM/BSLM)


Dr Raman has held a variety of both clinical and research roles. She has worked with well known scientists in labs around the world including in cancer genetics at Yale University, and Alzheimers’ cellular physiology at the Wolfson Centre, London.


Current roles include: creating lifestyle toolkits to train healthcare professionals in lifestyle medicine for cardiovascular health on behalf of NHS England; co-authoring an educational module for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine on plant-based diets; contributing to the lifestyle section for the Joint British Society’s 4th consensus statement for cardiometabolic diseases; as well as diabetes lead at Plant Based Health Online.


Dr Raman has been invited to give talks on lifestyle medicine to both healthcare professionals as well as to the general public. She is delighted to be involved in training healthcare professionals on the power of lifestyle change to prevent and reverse disease.


Vegan diets, Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease

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