Dr Sue Kenneally

Dr Sue Kenneally

GP and Bariatric Physician

Dr Sue Kenneally graduated from medical school in London in 1995, and started work as a GP in 2001. From this point she developed a keen interest in lifestyle medicine as a means of treating and reversing chronic disease, and was awarded a postgraduate degree in nutrition from the University of Surrey in 2017.

Her main interest is weight loss medicine, and since 2019 she has been working as an NHS bariatric physician, and also runs a private weight management clinic that offers both in person and virtual weight management consultations to anyone in the UK and Ireland. This enables patients who are not able to consult with her via the NHS to do so by an alternative route if they wish.

She has followed a plant based diet for approximately the last 10 years, having studied nutrition in depth during her postgraduate degree and finding the evidence for plant based diets to be overwhelming during that time. She is on the advisory board of Plant Based Health Professionals UK.

She is a founding member and director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, the Wales lead for the Association for the Study of Obesity, a board member of the Welsh Obesity Society and she is part of the GPs with an interest in Nutrition and Lifestyle (GPING) committee. She tutors on the PGDip/MSc course on weight management at the University of South Wales, and delivers one of the modules of the Plant based course at Winchester University. She is currently a clinical champion for obesity in the RCGP and undertaking the leadership preceptorship via the World Obesity Federation.

She is an author and frequent public speaker, and loves adrenaline based activities, playing piano and spending time with her family.


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