Dr. Stephen Walsh

Dr. Stephen Walsh

Chair of The Vegan Society and Author

Stephen Walsh has been a Nutrition and Health Adviser to The Vegan Society for 15 years. In 2001, he prepared consensus guidelines on vitamin B12 for vegans and, in 2003, he wrote “Plant Based Nutrition and Health”. This book reviewed thousands of scientific studies on people to develop realistic recommendations for good health at all stages of life without any exploitation of animals. In 2005, he formulated the VEG 1 supplement, designed specifically for vegans. He has written many articles ranging from simple dietary guidelines to contributions to academic text books. He is currently Chair of the Society’s board of trustees.


Removing barriers to plant-centred diets

Vegan Health Summit

There are clear health advantages to eating more fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds but an uninformed general shift to plant alternatives involves some nutritional risks.  This talk will discuss how such risks can be minimised by intelligent design of plant products using fortification and processing.