Dr Minil Patel

Dr Minil Patel

Medical Doctor

Dr Minil Patel is a General Practice Specialty Registrar from London, currently based in Buckinghamshire. He graduated from King’s College London with an MBBS and BSc (Hons) in Neuroscience in 2016. A vegan since 2017, he has a keen interest in plant-based nutrition, health and fitness and the power of lifestyle medicine in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. He has completed a certification in “Plant-Based Nutrition” at the University of Winchester and has PGCert in Medical Education from King’s College London.


He has a background in powerlifting and strength training and does bodybuilding style resistance training in his spare time earning him a feature in Men’s Health Online. He balances his day to day work as a GP registrar whilst also teaching others about plant-based nutrition, fitness and veganism using social media. Here he also shows wonderful plant based recipes to help power his active lifestyle and shows people you really can build muscle without the need for animal products.



Optimising Plant-based/ Vegan diets for Athletes and Muscle Building

Plant based diets have become very popular amongst athletes but how can vegans best optimise their diets for athletic performance and muscle building? Where do vegans get protein? Can vegans build muscle the same as omnivores? What about supplements? Join Dr Patel discuss these questions and more.

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