Dr Arielle Griffiths

Dr Arielle Griffiths

Vegan Vet

As a GP vet for 25+ years, I grew increasingly concerned about the obesity epidemic in our pets and wanting to do something practical about it to help owners, I threw myself into the fascinating world of pet nutrition. My findings were that the more plants you add to a dog’s diet, the healthier they will be. As a mother very concerned about the environmental impact of our own food choices on our children’s future, I turned vegan 3 years ago not even having been vegetarian before; and I turned our family dog vegan too. We have both never been healthier and I am now a passionate advocate of plant-based feeding in our pets.


Parallels in vegan dog nutrition compared to human health on a vegan diet

I discuss the fascinating journey of domestication of dogs that has resulted in them having the ability to digest the same foods as us and even share the same gut microbiome as we have. Dogs on a balanced vegan diet will live longer and be healthier than those on a meat-based diet just like us.

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