Dilan Fernando

Dilan Fernando

Social Movement Organiser at Animal Think Tank

Dilan is a founding member of Animal Think Tank, where he’s building a people-powered organising movement for Animal Freedom. Dilan was integral in the early success of Animal Rebellion. Leading the organisation’s Media team in 2019, he helped the idea of a plant-based food system reach deep into mainstream consciousness. Originally from Australia, Dilan co-founded Young Voices for Animals, where he created a youth leadership program and Australia’s first Youth Animal Rights Conference. He founded the Monash University Vegan Society and co-organised Melbourne’s March to Close All Slaughterhouses. He has delivered talks on social movement strategy at the Institute for Critical Animal Studies and Australia’s Animal Rights Forum. In the Australian anti-poverty movement, Dilan was a pioneering member of Monash SEED and a coordinator at Oaktree. Dilan holds Bachelor degrees in Commerce and Economics from Monash University, and previously worked in Marketing at National Australia Bank. In his spare time Dilan is an avid cricket fanatic, Vipassana meditator, science-fiction reader and gym-enthusiast.


The Activist's Journey: How To Find Your Place In The Animal Freedom Movement

In 2019, Dilan made his South Asian family proud by starting a promising career in Australian banking. Three years later, he’s a full time Animal Freedom activist in the North of England. In this talk, Dilan recounts his journey and shares how new activists can find their own place in the movement.

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