David W Evans

David W Evans

International speaker, Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine specialist

An international speaker, Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine specialist, author and the co-founder of nonprofit organisations; Lifestyle & Preventive Medicine, the Academy for Health Superheroes and Happy Bootcamps which aims to get 1 billion people active, educated and connected worldwide. David has collaborated with Saudi Arabia’s General Sports authority in the project “Move Happy and Happy Bootcamps” to help combat lifestyle-related diseases across KSA. A former pro-athlete, David is fascinated at how much power our mind has over our life, health, happiness and success. It’s his mission to spread a message of happiness through activity, connectivity and continuous self-improvement.

11:00am - 11:45am

What all Vegans Need to Know About Nutrition & Health!

Many vegetarians and vegans aren’t experiencing optimal health because of 10 common mistakes they make! On a personal journey of discovery towards a vegan diet, as well as noticing subjective effects such as how they felt or looked, as a medical doctor Agnes was able to monitor their vitamins, mineral levels and other bodily functions. Making mistakes and experimenting while having the knowledge and the ability to interpret all the facts precisely helped them create an optimal lifestyle and nutritional program. Join Specialist in Preventative Medicine Agnes Electra Chlebinska, and Transformational Coach David Evans as they reveal the key to thriving and peak performance on a vegan diet.

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