Danielle Maupertuis

Danielle Maupertuis

Vegan Pastry Chef

My name is Danielle Maupertuis, I am a Belgian Vegan Pastry Chef, worked for 5 stars hotels as an Executive Pastry Chef in the UK (Marriott, Red Carnation Luxury Hotels) and abroad: Greece, Lebanon …


I won several gold and silver medals in international competitions ( plated desserts, showpieces, buffets, petits fours). Among them the “Salon Culinaire de la Gastronomie au Liban” with an international jury.


A few years ago, as a Pastry Chef, I was struggling to offer our vegan guests a decent choice of desserts. This is what enticed me to create my own range of vegan desserts, focused on taste and presentation. My challenge, as a Pastry Chef, is to convince people that Vegan desserts are easy to make, taste yummy and look fantastic!


The need for a cookbook became obvious. and motivated me to write my first cookbook “Vegans deserve better than a fruit salad”, Olympia Publishers.




I am actually teacher at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School and take part in a 5 days training for Chefs. I also offer courses for foodies and amateurs.


Through my THINKIFIC COURSES, I give an exhaustive initiation to vegan and gluten-free desserts. www.vegandesserts.thinkific.com


I give online courses about themed desserts (Halloween, Christmas) where we focus upon fine dining recipes and presentation.


I am preparing a second cookbook “Veganissimo”, in which I definitely aim to bring up the standards of Vegan Pastry, preparing us to penetrate the exciting world of Culinary Awards.


During the pandemic, I created a YouTube channel “Vegan pastry courses for kids”, short and funny videos : how to play dominos with shortbread, Harry Potter, chocolate truffles … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFjl_ia__AGC02iggxPGrEw


Writer in magazines (Vegan Life, Plant Based…), I also present cookery demos in Vegan Shows (Vegan Life Live, Vegfest…).


I am now present at the RHS Flowers shows with my demos “How to use plants, herbs and flowers in vegan pastry”. Create a bridge between Flower Shows and Vegan Pastry was one of my dreams … fulfilled!


Granddad’s New Year Watch

This is a funny and unexpected way to revisit our traditional carrot cake. If you want to find out where I hide the frosting cream cheese, I invite you to join my demo!! And a special book signup will be organized at the end of the session…

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Vegans Deserve Better Than A Fruit Salad

Danielle is an expert pastry chef with a distinguished career and after creating the most fabulous plant based pastries and desserts imaginable she has compiled these marvels into an easy and satisfying book ‘Vegans Deserve Better than a Fruit Salad’ – and a must have for any budding plant based dessert chefs, not to mention those around them.

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