Dana Levy

Dana Levy

Co-founder of NotFrom.com

NotFrom.com  is an animal and planet cruelty-free supermarket providing a safe, hassle-free and guilt-free shopping experience that truly makes a difference to our planet and its inhabitants.

Founded by Dana and Peter, frustrated at having to look at dozens of labels each time they shopped. They are vegans, they love animals and they want to do to their bit to facilitate changes to consumption habits.

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11:00am - 11:45am

Shifting Consumer Demand to Compassionate & Sustainable Alternatives

Founders of the vegan online supermarket – NotFrom.com, Dana Levy and Peter Birrell, will be talking about the economics of sustainability.   

Our role as a vegan movement is to protect the animals and their homes, hence the need to shift consumer demand to not only compassionate alternatives, but also to sustainable ones. Yet there is a challenge of economics when it comes to sustainability in that plant-based, ‘planet friendly’ products, are inherently more expensive than petro-chemical based ones.

This creates a barrier to smaller brands becoming mainstream as the reality is people tend to put pocket before planet. A vicious cycle ensues that impacts their ability to reduce their cost base and they remain niche products. This leaves us at the mercy of the larger food & FMCG industries, which have proven themselves to be callously impervious to the plight of the planet.

The purpose of the talk is to discuss how we as consumers must all take ultimate responsibility for change.

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