Dan Graham

Dan Graham

Vegan Organic Network Events Organiser

I have been involved with the Vegan Organic Network (VON) since its inception in 1996.

In 2013, I started organising VON events, the first was a packed-out event in Manchester, since then I have organised, lots of all vegan events including: Debdale Eco Fest, Snowdon Vegan Cake Party, The Abundance Fest, Vegan Organic Fest Cornwall and the first all Veganic Fest held in Manchester-all the food and produce being sold was made with veganic ingredients.

I produce VON’s regular online event’s including: Veganic Gardeners Question Time, Farming for a Future and Foraging Wild Food- a Seasonal Guide-check out our YouTube channel!

Co-created the Vegan Trike TV (a pedal powered cargo trike decorated with a woodland and wild animals and a 42 inch TV as the centre piece) which first appeared at COP26 in Glasgow. We are working on bringing Vegan Trike TV’s to other cities. On the TV we show films from a variety of charities, groups and individuals that promote veganism and healthy, happy living. Let me know if you want us to feature your film, group or product.


Farming for the Planet

Dan from Vegan Organic Network introduces the work of the charity and the solutions they present, before Iain from Tolhurst Organics continues. The presentation will develop the concept and practice of maintaining and building SOC within rotational vegetable/arable cropping as part of a stockfree organic system –  principles of crop rotations, choosing the green manure mixes and applications of ramial chipped wood or composted woodchip.

COP27 Conference full timetable