Cynthia and Tanya Marie

Cynthia and Tanya Marie

Event Planner and Culinary Artiste

Cynthia –

Hi I’m Cynthia, founder and lead planner at And Then Became Us and Co-Founder of The Vegan Wedding Show. I live in Hertfordshire, but spend much of my time travelling the globe for our clients, seeking out the world’s most incredible venues, organising truly spectacular events and adding my own brand of sparkle and elegance to any occasion. If that sounds amazing, well, it is, I love my job.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, but also wanted to tap into one of my other passions to work alongside my events business, which is food especially plant based cuisine. When going through a health transition, I gradually started to eliminate dairy products from my diet, and found myself slowly moving away from eating animal produce.

My creativity with plant based cuisine really came alive but I’m no chef lol. I then decided to contact my good friend/sistren Tanya of Neozentee Encore, to discuss this further on how we can share/collaborate the delights of plant based delights and she absolutely loved the idea of joining forces to create plant based culinary experiences with a twist and giving clients a different spin on plant based dishes, and so The Vegan Wedding Show was born, where we collaboratively organise plant based culinary experiences to tantalise the taste buds leaving clients wanting more.

Tanya –

My name is Tanya Marie – plant based artiste, Founder of Neozentee Encore (online delivery restaurant), Co-Founder of The Vegan Wedding Show and New executive chef of eatgenesis (plant-based restaurant in North London).

Before going plant-based in January 2020, I worked on and off as a chef working in various restaurants around London for around 11 years or so. During gaps in employment, I tried my hand at a few businesses but never really found something that felt like the right fit (although a couple of them had also involved food). Initially, I was in business for the wrong reason which was solely to make money.

I did not challenge myself at all, so now when I come across old menus that I would create, I cringe with laughter; there was just no passion behind what I was creating. Upon reflection I realised that I was carrying an employment conformity mindset (doing what I used to be employed to do whilst being restricted from creative expression).


A chat with The Vegan Wedding Show founders

We are Cynthia, Events CEO and Tanya, Chef CEO, who have collaborated together to create plant based food experiences, blending our cultural foods, as well as classic dishes, with a twist, while using 100% plant based ingredients full of authentic flavours, leaving you wanting more.

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