Claire Michalski

Claire Michalski

Founder of Vegan Founded

Claire Michalski is director and Co-Founder of non profit community interest company, Vegan Founded.

Claire is a Mindset Life Coach, ADHD Advocate and Entrepreneur specialising in good cause and non-profit businesses.

She has been vegan for 14 years and wanted an easier way to be able to find and support 100% vegan businesses. Vegan Founded does exactly this! Her mission is to create greater demand for ethical businesses, not just options; and feels that although vegan options have finally normalised the word vegan, and make it much easier for those who are curious about veganism, the options don’t have any impact on reducing animal exploitation. Creating a demand for Vegan Founded businesses does!

Which is why Claire advocates for the vegan community to support the real vegan businesses who never exploit animals.

You can check Vegan Founded out here:

Claire has a background in marketing and events, having been co-organiser of the very successful Vegan Camp Out, and previously worked for Viva! the U.K’s leading vegan campaigning charity.

Her passion is working for and with good cause businesses that all share in her life’s work to create a vegan world.

Outside of the vegan niche, Claire’s work within the wellness industry focuses on helping those who want to be successful without getting caught in the rat race! – pardon the non-vegan pun.

Claire says “I believe in the magic of mother nature and living a mindful life, but I also work my ass off in complete boss lady mode!”

Claire openly talks about overcoming many obstacles in her life and wants to help others overcome what has been holding them back through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Eco-Psychology and life coaching.

“I went from being jobless, broke, living with my parents again and depressed to having everything I had been dreaming about within a year…You can too!”

Claire also has ADHD and wants to inspire others who are neurodivergent to believe in themselves, believing that ADHD is more like having a super power than a disability.

You can check out her work here


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