Chris Hines

Chris Hines

Film Maker and Animal Rights Activist

Chris Hines has been a vegan and animal-rights activist for the past 8 years. 

Throughout the years, Chris has worked alongside numerous animal rights organisations as well as helping to organise a number of high-profile actions, which have seen him interviewed on both TV and Radio. He has worked with Viva!, Animal Save Movement, AV, Plant Based News, WTF, Meat The Victims and co-organised London’s National Animal Rights Day. He has also worked closely with activist Joey Carbstrong on several of his large campaigns.

His work has seen him speak on the subject of veganism and animal rights at numerous universities and colleges, as well as large AR events such as the Animal Liberation Conference in Berkeley.

Alongside animal rights, music is also a huge passion. As well as being a musician himself, he has run a record label, worked as the programme manager for a music festival, hosted a radio show and for the past 10+ years has run his own online music magazine.

Chris has now combined this passion with his activism and is currently working as the Producer, Director and Writer of the upcoming film Taking Note, which looks into the history of animal rights and music. In production for the past 6 years now, the documentary features exclusive interviews with over 100 musicians from across genres, eras and the globe as a collective voice for the animals.

Taking Note looks to become one of the most unique animal rights movies in recent years and the team are working overtime to complete the project ready for release next summer.

You can follow Chris on Instagram @chrishtf and Taking Note at @takingnotefilm


Taking Note - The Undocumented History Of Animal Rights & Music

Chris explains how the power of music introduced him to the subject of animal rights and inspired his upcoming documentary ‘Taking Note’ which looks into the untold history of how animal rights and music have worked together. Would animal rights be where it is today without music?

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