Brian Horne

Brian Horne

Brian Horne trained as a chef when he left school in Hull and travelled the country doing seasonal work in hotels.  At the age of 25 Brian joined the London fire brigade and loved the lifestyle.  He enjoyed the immediate response necessary as well as being part of an efficient team.  When he retired he knew he needed a new challenge.  The idea of self-sufficiency and off grid living became a reality by building a house in Mallorca and starting to grow and cook a lot more of his own food.

Unfortunately in 2011 Brian was diagnosed with a T-cell lymphoma and was treated with an autologous stem cell transplant. After 10 months of treatment and achieving a complete remission he made a few changes to his lifestyle but was then diagnosed with a B-cell lymphoma in 2014.

This was obviously going to need some major lifestyle changes and after discussions with a supportive doctor, research on the Internet and book reading, the journey to plant-based whole food started.

Being able to grow food and with a knowledge of cooking Brian’s challenges are now to live well, eat well, stay healthy and not do too much damage to the planet.

13:00 - 13:45

Can diet play a role in cancer prevention?

Cancer is common; you or someone you love may have been impacted by it. Can a whole foods plant based diet reduce the incidence and progression? Come and hear a Doctor present the evidence linking diet to the risk of cancer and one former patient share his positive first-hand experience.

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