Berty Justice

Berty Justice

Vegan Activist & Content Creator

I’m just a human who realised that we don’t need to eat or use animals. And by using them, we causes unnecessary pain and suffering to innocent individuals. A Vegan lifestyle is the magic bullet to improve health, improve the environment and most importantly helping other non-human animals. I’ve found that a lot of people have been deeply conditioned to support, and not question the systems of oppression, cruelty and death. Through educating others and confronting the myths and lies of the world, I’ve been able to help people transition to a Vegan lifestyle. I have tried lots of avenues to create change, a very informative website, videos, street interviews, vigils, VR head sets, talks, workshops, chalking, poetry, art and a whole host more. I try to inspire others to connect with their own strengths and encourage them to do what they can to the help the animals. ‘Everyone has a part to play in making the world a more compassionate place. Go Vegan and then use your skills to promote a Vegan lifestyle’


Back to basics. And other useful ideas

This talk aims to inspire and improve your knowledge. Are you still getting the same questions and excuses; protein, canines, personal choice etc? They all have back to basics answers which we’ll go through. Looking for your most effective advocacy? I’ll aim to get you there. You have power!

Campaigning for Animals full timetable