Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Campaigner and activist for Animal Rebellion

Since joining Animal Rebellion in March 2020 I’ve played a key role in taking it from a small group of people, and a fairly marginal group, to now being one of the most effective and respected groups in the UK today. Key successes include:

– Part of the team that did the McDonalds distribution centre disruptions in 2021 during the middle of covid resulting in 100s of restaurant closures, was the no.1 news story of the day and seen by 55% of the British public. This inspired global wave of “McSit-in” restaurant protests around the world and the UK.
– Freeing of 5 beagles from the MBR breeding facility and handing myself in the next day to put “Animal Testing on Trial” because of the belief that “you cannot get a jury to convict someone for saving dogs in 2022”. Charges were dropped after two weeks, showcasing the effectiveness of accountable non-violent direct action in an animal rights context.
– Guiding the action design of Just Stop Oil campaign which caused 1 billion pounds of losses and countrywide petrol station closures.
– Conceived of Plant Based Future campaign from Animal Rebellion which was a 1 week disruption to the UK’s milk supply and actions around the country in supermarkets and disruptions of high profile events. Resulted in 100s of arrests, huge media coverage including 1800+ online media mentions, an observable shift in the environmental movement in the UK to focus more on animal ag. Always intended to be a small stepping stone to much more ambitious campaigns in 2023. Watch this space!
– Started the Plant Based Councils campaign in 2020 and the Plant based Universities campaign in 2021, both with significant wins and now each in over 40 locations around the country


Plant Based Future

Animal Rebellion’s Plant Based Future campaign tackles the climate and animal emergencies we currently face; we are taking direct action to bring the solution of a plant based food system to the government and demand that they assist farming and fishing communities in this transition.

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