Annie Hägglund

Annie Hägglund


I am born and raised in Sweden and I spent most of my childhood in the countryside in the northern part of the country, one hour from the closest city. Already as an 8 year old I started to question what food we ate and as an animal lover, I couldn’t get my head around the thought of eating something that I cared for so much and also why no one seemed to question why we were eating some animals, while we kept others as our beloved pets. My dad used to be a dairy and finishing pig farmer, but today he is pretty much a vegan as well, somewhat affected by all years with a daughter constantly bringing up all the issues connected to the consumption of animal products.


Eventually, I developed a large interest in animal welfare and ethics, which lead me further to my studies in Animal behaviour at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. After four years of studies, I decided to continue with a master’s degree in Animal Science and Animal Welfare, mainly focused on farm animals, to gain a deeper understanding of how the animal agriculture looks like to today and the main problems connected to it.


Today, I’m currently working at the County Administrative Board in Sweden, where one of my main tasks is to do inspections for farm animals. This is an important experience for me, as I always strive to see and experience the issues with my own eyes to understand how I can work in order to prevent animal suffering and also to inform more people about the reality today. This is my mission, to reduce animal suffering in the world and to educate people, so they in their turn can take informed decisions themselves.


The best animal welfare in the world

I will talk about the behavioural and physiological needs of farm animals, the current legislation within EU, how the best animal welfare in the world actually looks like today and why it’s still far from being enough to meet the most basic needs of farm animals.

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