Please follow the instructions below for items that need to be booked directly with external contractors / suppliers.
Electricity and Lighting

Booking Electricity / Lighting

Electricity and lighting should be booked directly with Moyne, official contractor for electrical services at the show.

Due to the instability of current power costs at source, the option to book power at this event will be available from September 2022. Meanwhile, if you require power, please complete this short form to indicate your power requirements, and we can contact you regarding costs and availability.

Please note: electricity and lighting can only be booked at stalls highlighted in yellow on the floor plan

Power will be available to order from September 2022.

Design Services

We're proud to be official partners with Kakadu Creative:

Kakadu Creative are a full-service, vegan design agency with a track record of 5-star customer service.

They work with businesses and organisations who are on a mission to do better business; better business for people, planet and animals.

Kakadu Creative was launched in 2017 when founders Kayleigh and Lee left their careers in the media sector. Having worked with national and international businesses to plan and implement advertising campaigns and design market-leading magazines they were unfulfilled.

They wanted to use their skills for good and are now on a mission to help vegan and purpose-led businesses launch, scale and grow with creative, unique, and impactful branding and design.

Making sure vegan businesses stand out from the crowd, win the hearts and minds of their customers and can make a difference are the things that make them tick.

Kakadu Creative put planet before profit and support other businesses with the same ethos. As they say, everyone has a part to play in creating a sustainable and ethical world. But nobody ever said it had to be with boring, generic branding and design.

Interested to see how they can help your business?

Book a free discovery call today.



Fridges from 'Display Refrigeration'

Display Refrigeration offers a selection of refrigeration options for exhibitors - these options are illustrated on this leaflet here.

If you would like to book these options, please complete the order form here and return it to Display Refrigeration using the contact below, by the deadline of Friday 7th November 2022.

Please ensure that sufficient power is booked with our electrical contractors Moyne.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01452 721 555 x 7201

Hotels & Accommodation

Some recommendations of sources of accommodation for traders staying overnight are:



The venue provides a free Wifi service which is suitable for casual browsing only – it is not a secure connection and hence not suitable for transactions or streaming of large amounts of data.

Internet will be available to book from September 2022.

Please note:

  1. Internet is charged per device. If you need internet on more than 1 devices, please book more than 1 connection point using the order form at the link above.
  2. The venue does not recommend using 4G networks for secure transactions. Exhibitors who need to run secure transactions on their devices are advised to book internet in advance. If you do not need a support cable, the Wifi option (up to 2MB for 1 device) is recommended. For full range of options offered by the venue, see the order form at the link above.
  3. Also make sure that your devices are up to date before use at the venue.
Parking at Olympia London

Parking is not included in the stall prices – this needs to be booked separately by stallholders, and in advance.

Olympia London is undergoing some development changes, so the car park from previous years has moved, but is still very close to the venue. See this image:

Full parking information and booking can be completed in advance of the event on Olympia London website here.

For other parking options nearby, follow the link here.

Shell Scheme Nameboard and Features

Stalls on the ground floor floor plan are equipped with a shell scheme with nameboards containing the exhibitor name. (Please note: Upstairs balcony level stalls are all space-only and do not have shell schemes)

You can request specific names by booking in your nameboard and extras from September 2022.