Exhibitors who wish to book fridges, electricity, lighting, request specific names for shell scheme nameboards or book extra shell scheme fittings, or internet connections, or look up information on hotels, unloading and loading, and parking, please read the information below.

Fridges - Display Refrigeration

Exhibitors who need fridges at their stall are advised to book fridges via Display Refrigeration who provide a selection of refrigeration options.

Please complete the order form here and return it to Display Refrigeration using the contact below, by the deadline of October 22nd 2018.

Phone: 01452 721 555 x 7201

Internet – E-Force

The venue provides a free Wifi service which is suitable for casual browsing only – it is not a secure connection and hence not suitable for transactions or streaming of large amounts of data.

If you require a secure broadband for the duration of the event, please complete the form here and return it to E-Force, internet suppliers of the venue, at by September 28th 2018.

Please note:

  1. Internet is charged per device. If you need internet on more than 1 devices, please book more than 1 connection point using the order form at the link above.
  2. We do not recommend using 4G networks for secure transactions. Exhibitors who need to run secure transactions on their devices are advised to book internet in advance. If you do not need a support cable, the Wifi option (up to 2MB for 1 device) is recommended. For full range of options offered by the venue, see the order form at the link above.
  3. Also make sure that your devices are up to date before use at the venue.
Shell Scheme Nameboard and Features – Moyne

Stalls highlighted in yellow or purple on our floor plan are equipped with a shell scheme with nameboard containing the exhibitor name, whilst those highlighted in blue are space-only stalls with no shell schemes.

To request specific names to be used for your nameboard, please complete the form here, and return it to Moyne Exhibition Ltd by October 15th 2018 at the latest.

If you would like to order extra shell scheme features, please use the forms at the hyperlinks below:

Alternatively, you can request the use of specific exhibitor names and book extra shell scheme features using the Moyne secure payment online site:

The site is easy to navigate:

  1. Register as a new user
  2. Respond to the activation email
  3. Register as an existing user – provide your name and the password you set up
  4. Select VegFest 2018 from the drop-down list of exhibitions
  5. Enter the VegFest 2018 passcode VEG18
  6. Place your orders

If you have questions relating to your order or if you would like to speak to Moyne direct please contact Sara Binns on 020 8997 8596 or email

Electricity and Lighting – Moyne

Electricity and lighting should be booked directly with Moyne, official contractor for electrical services at the show.

Please note: electricity and lighting can only be booked at stalls highlighted in yellow on the floor plan.

To place your orders for electricity and lighting, please complete the form here.

Alternatively, you can book electricity and lighting by using the Moyne secure payment online site:

The site is easy to navigate:

  1. Register as a new user
  2. Respond to the activation email
  3. Register as an existing user – provide your name and the password you set up
  4. Select VegFest 2018 from the drop-down list of exhibitions
  5. Enter the VegFest 2018 passcode VEG18
  6. Place your orders

Deadline for earlybird discounts on electrical / lighting is September 28th 2018.

Caterers, in particular, are advised to follow the instructions below regarding electrical safety:

  • All caterers must check the startup and cruising wattage of their electrical appliances. For example, an appliance could have a cruising wattage of 2.8kW, which is suitable for a 3kW (3000 watts) power socket, but the appliance may require a 3.8kW start-up power supply. If a 3kW socket has been ordered the power is insufficient to start up the appliance and the power supply will be cut off at the RCD box located on the stand. Multiple appliances starting up with insufficient power will terminate power to the venue mains supply and all stands served by that supply.
  • Under no circumstances are exhibitors permitted to interfere with the power supply. This includes the RCD box installed by Moyne to each stand and the venue mains supply box. Power and sockets will be removed to any stand that is found to have done this. Power failure must be reported to the Information Desk during open hours. The standby electrician will then attend.
  • To ensure that sufficient power is ordered exhibitors must either refer to the manufacturer's handbook / contact the manufacturer direct. In the case of hired equipment, ensure the hirer provides all relevant power supply information. The electrical contractors, Moyne, can provide advice, however, they are not responsible for or liable for guaranteeing the power supplies of exhibitor’s appliances.
  • Caterers who have not ordered sufficient power for their appliance(s) will be required to:
    1. Uprate their power supply at the site order surcharge rate of 20%. This can be done at the Moyne service desk during the build period or via contacting the Moyne office on 0208 997 8596 during the open period. In both instances, full payment must be made via card payment prior to the power being uprated
    2. OR hand over appliances that exceed the power supply ordered. The Organisers reserve the right to confiscate equipment until the end of the show should exhibitors persist in plugging in condemned appliances.
  • Each caterer must submit a picture of the layout of all their equipment before the event.
  • Each caterer must submit proof that all their electrical equipment has been PAT tested within 12 months of the show. Please note: this is a legal requirement and this will be strictly enforced before trading commences.
  • All catering appliances must arrive on Friday (setup) to allow time for inspection of electrical equipment and power usage. This to avoid caterers arriving just before show opening powering up simultaneously and a series of electrical mains supply failures occurring during prime sales time.
  • All electrical equipment must also be inspected between 8-10am on Saturday, with electrical equipment switched on by 9am Saturday, and all catering staff must be present during this time slot to ensure swift inspections before the show opens. Staff must be present whilst equipment is checked.
  • All caterers should have a contingency plan to be able to continue serving to the public in case of any power cuts.
Hotel - HotelMap

We have a limited number of exclusive hotel deals for attendees of this event. These special offers can be booked by telephone or online via HotelMap at the link here:

Unloading and Loading – Olympia London

All exhibitors must book a time slot for unloading during setup, and a time slot for loading during breakdown, using Olympia London’s traffic control system, which will go live 4 weeks before the show.

Please note: All CATERERS must set up on the Friday before the event, with their electrical equipment to be tested on site on the Saturday morning before the event opens.

Parking – Olympia London

Parking is NOT included in the stall prices – this needs to be booked separately.

Olympia London has its own Motorail car park next to the event site. To book your parking at Olympia London's car park, please use the form here. (please note: parking spaces at this car park need to be booked in advance)

For other parking options nearby, follow the link here.