Popular Cookery Classes area set to make come-back at VegfestUK London next month

20th October 2022

One of the most popular areas of any VegfestUK event has always been the Cookery Classes area. Here, plant-based and vegan chefs from many different backgrounds come together to demonstrate how they make some choice dishes, from pastries and desserts to dinnertime musts.


We’re thrilled to be able to welcome back to the Cookery stage some fond favourites, along with some new chefs eager to show the visitors at VegfestUK London just how good your home cooking can get on a plant-based diet.







“Fermentation” by Edward Daniel

Fermentation; showing the simplicity of sauerkraut, kabocha and kefir which increases gut bacteria vitality.


“High Protein Plant-Based Meals” by Vivo Life ambassador Jamie Beaton

This immersive cooking workshop with Health coach, plant based chef and Vivo Life Ambassador Jamie Beaton is designed to show you easy and delicious ways to boost your protein intake on a plant based diet.


“’No Fish’ two ways!” by Lisa Hinze

How to recreate two classic fish based dishes with a plant based twist!


“Low-Impact Cooking and Eating with The Sustainable Chef” by Andy Oakey, The Sustainable Chef

Presenting a recipe from his cookbook “The Sustainable Chef”, Andy Oakey shares some of his top tips for reducing the impact of cooking and eating. Everything is super simple and easy to follow – no unnecessary mess or faff. Proper food, minimal impact.


Vegan buffet food ideas” by Chef Oliver Bragg

Join chef Ollie and learn how to impress with vegan buffet foods: perfect finger-food treats for your party or gathering. He’ll show you how to make buckwheat blinis with a variety of toppings, including cashew nut cream cheese and vegan smoked salmon.





“Taste + Create – Artistic Tea Blending” by George Dunkerton of A Little Cup Tea Co.

This talk will look into the concepts behind our most popular blends; their ingredient benefits and influences. The flavours will then be discussed in terms of their emotional characteristics to consider how to create drawings from these, and how they can encourage your own blending experimentation.


“Nut Milks and Energy Balls” by Edward Daniel

Nut milks and Energy balls; demonstrating the ease of homegrown nourishing milk at a fraction of the costs. And, use left-over pulp for energy balls.


“Gut Healthy in Seconds” by Dr Sunni Patel

The demo will show how to use the beauty of plants to optimise gut health with easy and quick recipes.


“Granddad’s New Year Watch” by Danielle Maupertuis

This is a funny and unexpected way to revisit our traditional carrot cake. If you want to find out where I hide the frosting cream cheese, I invite you to join my demo!! And a special book signup will be organized at the end of the session…


“From Russia to Yemen” by Karyn Aviani

I will be cooking a savoury dish utilizing flavours from both my Russian and Yemeni heritage.


Bring a pen and notepad to take down notes as you watch these fabulous chefs demonstrate their dishes! And be sure to follow all the chefs above on social media for updates!


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