COP27 ‘Collaborating on Positions’ Conference set for Olympia Grand this autumn

17th October 2022

Plant Powered Collaboration Presenting Climate Change Solutions


Olympia Grand plays host to a new conference this autumn that coincides with COP27, looking at solutions to climate change with a particular focus – that of utilising plant based options and switching to plant based food systems as a matter of priority in the quest for Net Zero.

Teams from the UK’s leading plant based charities and campaigns including Plant Based Treaty, Plant Based Alliance, Plant Based Universities Campaign, Vegan Organic Network, Viva! Farming & The Vegan Society are joining together to present a series of solutions based plant powered actions designed to tackle the growing climate crisis at this two day conference on November 12th 13th 2022.

And a number of direct action groups, including Animal Rebellion, Animal Think Tank, Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain are also represented at the event, bringing a solutions based collaboration and dialogue to the table, alongside the addition of expertise from academic & author Dr Andrew Knight, and Klaus Mitchell of Plant Based News.

‘Animal Agriculture is a leading factor in driving emissions, and if we are serious about reaching Net Zero targets in time, we have to address these issues. The conference showcases some of the fabulous work already in place from leading charities and campaigns that have been addressing these issues for some time now. We know what the issues are – the science is clear on that – and the need to transition to plant based systems has never been of more urgency, and the most effective solutions lie at the heart of the intersection of climate, food and animal justice. This conference aims to highlight some of these solutions and focus on the collaborations between multiple groups already in place’ say conference organisers.

The Conference features a Main Hall with panels, presentations and talks, and includes an Introduction to Plant Based Lifestyles, an area specifically created to support people new to the lifestyle, a Campaigning for Animals area, and a Writer’s Corner featuring published authors and experts in the field of plant based nutrition and lifestyle, animal welfare and ethical veganism. And as to be expected, all the food and drink available on the weekend is plant based.

Olympia has recently introduced plant based kiosks for their food outlets at all events as part of their ongoing commitment to Net Zero and are leading the way in the Events Sector in the drive to reduce emissions and set the right examples for generations to come, and their plant based menus are already exciting and enticing and proving popular with visitors and events from across the board.

‘Visitors to the conference will not only be inspired and informed, but also enthralled by the wide range of most excellent plant based options available. It’s important to impress if we are to encourage individual, institutional and system change, and our plant based food options do just that’ add the organisers.



Tickets are available priced £10 day and £15 weekend including fees and currently on BOGOF until the end of October, and include access to all of the talks and panels as well as the wider VegfestUK London event that is hosting the conference.


The Conference is sponsored by Plant Based Treaty and The Vegan Society, and organised by VegfestUK.


Media and Trade professionals are invited to attend the conference and attend for free, using the forms here:


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“Climate Change: The Livestock Connection” by Andrew Knight

Dr Andrew Knight opens the conference with an evidence based talk examining the links between animal agriculture and climate change, presenting the case for a rapid switch to plant-based food systems.


“Advocate for a Plant Based Treaty” by Lea Goodett

Plant Based Treaty – Cities Campaign

What is a Plant Based Treaty and why do we need one? Learn how to set up a successful city campaign to advocate for a Plant Based Treaty.


“The Missing Link To Hit Net Zero” by Klaus Mitchell

Our individual Responsibility – Klaus Mitchell, Plant Based News

Time is running out to get a grip on the climate crisis. And now is the time to start looking inwards rather than waiting for governments and institutions for solutions. This talk is about the elephant in the room; the politically unsavoury truth that we each have an individual responsibility to recognise and address. It shines a spotlight on how instead of waiting for our broken supply chain to change, we have to demand alternative modes of production today.


“The Home Grown Vegan Revolution” by Tim Newthorpe with guest Matthew Appleby

Growing Green Campaign & Allotment Growing – The Vegan Society

Tim will introduce the Grow Green campaign, The Vegan Society’s campaign to encourage a transition to vegan-friendly farming, and explain why climate is such an important driver of this transition. He’ll then explore the role of urban community food growing and The Vegan Society’s work in this area. Guest Matthew Appleby joins Tim to discuss the value of growing green and optimising allotments


“Transforming our food system: A framework of ‘inclusive responsibility’” by Laila Kassam

The Global Food System – Laila Kassam, Animal Think Tank

Our global food system is a key driver of unsustainability and injustice. This talk introduces ‘inclusive responsibility’, a framework to guide a food system that is sustainable and just for all. The talk will suggest ways we can use the ‘ecology of social change’ to make this food system a reality.


“ Plant-based Solutions for the Planet” by Marisa Heath

Collaborating on Solutions – Marisa Heath, Plant Based Alliance

Looking at the issues we face in the food systems and how Governments have driven these systems forward with subsidies and support. It will then look at the solutions plant-based can provide, how they could be implemented and support by Government and how we as a community can make it happen.




“Collaborating on Positions’’ with Roger Hallam –  Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, Insulate Britain

Description TBC


“Plant Based Future” by Rob Newman and Rosa Sharkey

Animal Rebellion and Direct Action

Animal Rebellion’s Plant Based Future campaign tackles the climate and animal emergencies we currently face; we are taking direct action to bring the solution of a plant based food system to the government and demand that they assist farming and fishing communities in this transition.


“Farming for the Planet” by Dan Graham with guest Ian Tolhurst

’How to Maintain and Enhance Soil Organic Carbon (S.O.C.) in Arable/Horticultural ’- Vegan Organic Network & Tolhurst Organics

Dan from Vegan Organic Network introduces the work of the charity and the solutions they present, before Iain from Tolhurst Organics continues. The presentation will develop the concept and practice of maintaining and building SOC within rotational vegetable/arable cropping as part of a stockfree organic system –  principles of crop rotations, choosing the green manure mixes and applications of ramial chipped wood or composted woodchip.


“Viva! Farming: Vegan farming for a healthy planet and turning farmers into allies for animal justice” by Kerri Waters

Viva! Farming coordinator and PhD researcher, Kerri Waters, will explain how transforming the way we use land and ending animal farming presents crucial opportunities to solve the climate crisis and create a kinder world for animals. This talk will explore the options currently available for farmers and how the changes to UK agricultural policy can be applied to foster vegan farming and food production. Kerri will introduce her doctoral research looking at animal farming practices and what they tell us about the possibility for a just transition for all beings. Lastly, Viva! Farming’s work outreaching the farming community will demonstrate that by taking an honest and compassionate approach to building personal relationships, we can turn animal farmers into allies to create a kinder, fairer world for all.


“Plant-Based Universities: End The Climate Crisis!” by Nathan McGovern

The Plant-Based Universities campaign is demanding that institutions begin the urgent and immediate transition to 100% just and sustainable plant-based catering, in line with recommendations from Oxford and Harvard Universities, alongside a landmark IPCC report on climate change and land use.


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