‘Campaigning for Animals’ talks & panels at VegfestUK London 2022 announced

4th October 2022

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Today we announce the complete line-up for the ‘Campaigning for Animals’ talks area – an central piece in the Climate Change puzzle. As part of our COP27: Collaborating on Positions conference at this year’s VegfestUK London, the Campaigning for Animals stage will showcase an in-depth, collective knowledge from activists and speakers working effectively in different areas of animal advocacy.





“The Activist’s Journey: How To Find Your Place In The Animal Freedom Movement” by Dilan Fernando

In 2019, Dilan made his South Asian family proud by starting a promising career in Australian banking. Three years later, he’s a full time Animal Freedom activist in the North of England. In this talk, Dilan recounts his journey and shares how new activists can find their own place in the movement.


“How to build a mass movement for Animal Freedom” by Laila Kassam

This talk is for people who want to think big and get inspired. Based on cutting-edge research, the talk introduces key concepts and strategies to build powerful mass movements. It shares how Animal Think Tank is using these ideas to build a mass movement for Animal Freedom and how to get involved.


“Be AnimalKind” by Hannah Coyne

Hannah Coyne, Campaigns Manager at The Vegan Society will be talking about how they are campaigning for animals through their Be AnimalKind campaign, aimed at non-vegan animal lovers. The aim of Be AnimalKind is to inspire people to reflect on their relationships with and attitudes towards different species of animals, as every animal is an individual worthy of our kindness and respect.


“Our choices and their impact on free-living animals” by Jamshed

We wish for all animals to be free, but even the free living animals are suffering more and more, being the unheard and unseen oppressed whose numbers and species are dwindling away. How do we infringe on the lives of those we share the earth with? and how can we avoid it much more?


“New approach methodologies – the future of science” by Jessamy Korotoga

This talk will look at cruel and unreliable animal experiments and explain some of the new approach methodologies which are humane, reliable and represent the future of science.


“Love, Resistance and a Plant Based Future” by Orla Coghlan

This summer Animal Rebellion stopped the supply of dairy to stand against animal and climate exploitation. Learn about our success and how direct action creates change. This is the most important issue of our time. A Plant-based future is the only liveable future, join us in resistance to make this a reality.




“The best animal welfare in the world” by Annie Hagglund

I will talk about the behavioural and physiological needs of farm animals, the current legislation within EU, how the best animal welfare in the world actually looks like today and why it’s still far from being enough to meet the most basic needs of farm animals.


“How to justify not eating animals: a masterclass” by Rory Cockshaw

Rory takes a bird’s-eye view of vegan argumentation in this whirlwind tour of philosophy, ethics, science, and lifestyle. From masculine stereotypes to whacky thought experiments, factory farms to cultural colonialism, the rhetoric of veganism have never been so rich and complex as it is today.


“Back to basics. And other useful ideas” by Berty Justice

This talk aims to inspire and improve your knowledge. Are you still getting the same questions and excuses; protein, canines, personal choice etc? They all have back to basics answers which we’ll go through. Looking for your most effective advocacy? I’ll aim to get you there. You have power!


“Shaping the Narrative for a Plant-Based Future” by Alex Lockwood

This September Animal Rebellion caused major disruption to the dairy industry with arrests across the UK. Yet the secret of its massive success was the vision of a plant-based future and restored nature. Come and hear why campaigns must offer a positive narrative if we’re to achieve a vegan world.