Day 2 of the ‘Nutrition’ area line-up at VegfestUK London 2022 announced!

30th September 2022

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Last week we announced the the fabulous Saturday line-up of the Nutrition talks area, organised and featuring members of Plant Based Health Professionals UK.


Not seen Saturday’s line-up? Check it out here!


Well today we’re excited to announce the SUNDAY line-up of the Nutrition talks area, with more fascinating insights into plant-based nutrition and wellbeing, courtesy of another 5 experienced individuals.




“Who is Health & Holistics?” by Roma Baghighat

Who is Health & Holistics?- The first limited company in the UK with an employment structure enforced of 17-24yrs only. Working with local authorities and police to empower young adults through business & health! H&H was launched in partnership with Truth Youth C.I.C and North London Community Consortium (NLCC) established local Not-For-Profit Organisations, with the aim to facilitate the employment and development of young adults in the community. 


“The Body’s Ability to Function” by Charles Roswess

How to improve your lifestyle through a Vegan diet, High Quality natural Nutrition & Exercise.


“Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy With Plants And Mushrooms” by Juliette Bryant

In this talk Juliette will guide you on how to work with the wonders of nature to support your energy without the need for caffeine. Juliette will explore cutting edge research on The Endocannabinoid System and the power of Medicinal Mushrooms.


“Plant-Based Foods of the Future” by Jill Swyer

Understanding Plant-based Foods & Living Foods – How to start by Adding and Transitioning to One’s present Lifestyle with Understanding. How Renewed Habits have made Life much more Energised & Balanced.


“Vegan nutrition mythbusting” by Chantal Tomlinson

This talk will address the common myths around vegan nutrition such as those relating to protein, calcium, and soya, and help you to understand how to get the most out of a vegan diet.