Lia Sokhi

Lia Sokhi

Founder of Raw Fest UK

Lia Sokhi is a health educator, holistic practitioner and founder of Raw Fest UK. She transformed her own health using raw food and natural therapies and now shares her experience of nutrition and natural health to help others do the same. She had a debilitating MS like illness and within 7 months of changing her diet was completely symptom free. Lia has been vegan for 12 years and teaches people how to be a ‘healthy vegan’. Lia specialises in helping people with detoxing, digestion, nutrition and healing from illness. She practices at a London clinic offering nutrition support, lymphatic drainage and abdominal massage and speaks at events across the country.


The Power of Raw, Plant Based Nutrition

Learn how just adding small amounts of raw food into your life can change how you feel. You can have more energy, better digestion and feel and look younger! You will also learn about essential information about food and why its more important than ever to eat more raw and how to do it successfully and easily. Lia will share some recipes and top tips of how to eat more raw. You will understand how to make a slow and simple transition to make it sustainable and enjoyable!

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