Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Deputy Leader, Animal Welfare Party and Town Councillor, Alsager, Cheshire

Councillor Jane Smith of AWP is the first dedicated representative for animals in the UK. During her time as a town councillor, Jane has focused on animal welfare issues including securing a ban on goldfish being given as fairground prizes, campaigning against the badger cull in Cheshire and successfully proposing a motion that that for every new planning application coming before Alsager Town Council, native hedging should be stipulated for all new boundaries and that where native hedging isn’t possible, any solid walls or fences must incorporate ‘wildlife tunnels’ to allow hedgehogs and other animals through access. Since the motion was passed in March this year, over 20 other councils have expressed an interest in implementing similar measures. She has also lobbied for the resettlement of Syrian refugee families in the area.

Jane is a psychotherapist by training, a vegan and a mother of three boys. She studied at the University of Angers (France) and has postgraduate degrees from Loughborough University and the University of Manchester. Jane runs Compassion in World Farming’s Cheshire Group and her interests include hiking with her two rescue dogs, meditation and spending time in nature.


Regime change: time to stop the dictatorship of the 0.01%

Councillor Jane Smith of AWP is the first dedicated representative for animals in the UK. In this talk, she argues the need for regime change to end the tyranny of the 0.01% and discusses how the growth of political parties for animals has become one of the fastest growing movements in the world. /Politicians are interested in majorities; majorities to form coalitions, majorities to reach goals, majorities to turn views into policy. But we humans are by no means the majority. Recent research by of a group of leading international scientists, led by Professor Ron Milo of the Weizman Institute of Sciences, shows that humanity behaves like a plague for all other life forms on earth, while the 7.6 billion people who populate the earth only account for 0.01% of all life on earth. /In this talk, Smith outlines why AWP and its 18 sister parties around the world, believe that only a respectful approach towards other life forms on earth can provide us with a sustainable future and how, internationally, this movement is becoming one of the fastest growing political movements.

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