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Rebecca Fox


Appearing Saturday 3pm in the Activists Summit

Usually found meditating, drawing or reading, Rebecca Fox is an ardent rationalist who prides herself on trying to think critically even in difficult situations. Skepticism is what originally lead Rebecca to veganism and she is therefore passionate about promoting critical thinking skills to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Rebecca is part of the team behind the blog which publishes articles by and for Reasonable Vegans. By ‘Reasonable' they mean adhering to the rules of logic and evidence while remaining open-minded and polite. By ‘Vegan' they mean, well... vegan. Obviously.

RVGN is developing a host of resources that will promote veganism as a reasonable position and offer vegans opportunities to develop their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Rebecca sees her skeptical advocacy as a way to honour her compassion, and the animals, by encouraging people to use the best possible cognitive tools to think about the choices they make.

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