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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

This is a small selection of some of the media and press coverage for VegfestUK London.

Big thanks to all our contributors!

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February 2017

Olympia London


Novermber 2016

The Irish World


South London Press

Fulham Chronicle

Hammersmith Chronicle

Shepherd's Bush Chronicle

Kensignton and Chelsea News

Westminster and City News


October 2016

Green World TV -




London Vegan Societies


Hench Herbivore


Explore with Steffi


The Everyday Vegan


Moritz Garbanzo


Patrick H


Vegan Militia


Madeleine Olivia


Sweet Sugar Vlogs


The Vegan Hangout


Poppy Barr -


Freedom, Birdie!


That Irish Vegan Girl -


Vegan Geezer -


Athena Green -


Joyous Vegan -


Winkball -




Natural Curlies TV -


Veganluke -


Rehana Sara -


Vegan Movement -


c0rzi3 -


Anya Sophie -




Michael -


Deadpan Vegan (Part 1) -


Deadpan Vegan (Part 2) -


Deadpan Vegan (Part 3) -


Jessica Stephens -


The Vegan Social Justice Warrior -


Despues de la Mar -


Vegan Bodybuilding (male bodybuilding contest) -


Vegan bodybuilding (female bodybuilding contest) -


Wholly Maria -


Organic Livity -


Dan Noz -


Kirly Sue -


Deadly Nightshade -


Katonyxz (De Fuego live) -


Kirly Sue (World Vegan Month Part 1) -


Kirly Sue (World Vegan Month Part 2) -


Vegan Nigerian (Elisabeth Haljas cookery demo) -


Vegan Nigerian (London VegFest 2016 Recap - Food, Pro-Intersectionality & Cookery Demos) -


Sustainably Vegan -


Teen Vegans -


Naturally Stefanie -


Fruity Liana -


TripleDandM&M -


Vegan Hero -


MissMaïs -


Tellurian Beck -


Henya Mania -


elainathevegan -


Plant Matter Kitchen -


Thou Should Eat To Live -


Yasmine Wilde -


Hemp Vegan Love -


Vegan Kid TV -




Vegan Bodybuilding

Leicester Mercury

Manchester Evening News

Africa Fashion

The Handbook

Sainsbury's Magazine

Japan Journals


Your Healthy Living


The People's Friend magazine


Family South East Magazine


Daily Mail


Homemade by You

Vegetarian Living


London Vegan Societites

Africa Fashion -

Style Able -

The Hectic Vegan Issue 1


September 2016

Simple Parenting



Evening Standard

Raring 2 Go

London Citizen

The Voice



Friends Gazette


Female First -

Functional Sports Nutrition


Raring 2 Go

Fashion Beauty Monitor

Diary Directory

Select Traveller London 


August 2016

Female First

Cook Vegan Magazine


Vegan Trade Journal


London Calling

All about Vegan Food

Barefoot Vegan Magazine

The Vegan Apprentice


June 2016

The Express

Fish and Chips magazine

Diary Directory

The Daily Express


May 2016

VegNews Magazine

Planet Veggie


March 2016



October 2015

Lottie Loves Food

Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat

Vegan Ribs

George Dryden

Family Travel Times

Life Love Plants

Morning Advertiser


Tasting Britain

Female First


September 2015

My Green Directory

The London Sinner

Candis Magazine


Kindred Spirit Magazine

Cost Sector Catering

Female First


August 2015

Friends Gazette 


Rosemary and Pork Belly

Monsoon of Random

Paper Bag Blog

Mini Break Mummy

Kavey Eats


July 2015

Olive Magazine


November 2014

Family Travel Times




Health Food Business


The Laughing Medusa

Forked Tongues Blog

Dr LJ's Natural Wellness Academy

The Veggie Blogger

Part I -

Part II -

Part III -


September 2014


Hasta La Vegan

Vegan in Brighton

Mrs Veg

PS It's Vegan

Great Vegan Expectations (Part I)


Vegan Bodybuilding


Powr Plant Nutrition & Fitness

Monsoon of Random

Gluten Free Gorging

Japan Journal

Natural Products News

Ultra Vie

Netmums Kensington

London Evening Standard

All About Vegan Food interviews

My Green Directory



Plant Based Pixie

French Radio London

Etihad Airways inflight magazine

Kensington Magazine


Love It Magazine


Natural Lifestyle Magazine


Random Nations

London Visitors (Sept 2014 issue)


Your Healthy Living


London Calling



August 2014

Vegetarian Living



Vegan Life Magazine


Get Fresh! Magazine


Think Hotels

Friends Gazette


Total Sports Nutrition



Vegan Worldwide News

Just Because I Love

The Girl who could see stories

My Green Directory

Raw Londoner

Food Stuff Finds

Planet Veggie

Orzo Coffee

Rosemary and Pork Belly

Planet Veggie

OK! Magazine


Simply Sensational Food

Raw Londoner

Health & Fitness Magazine


Bodyfit Magazine



Total Sports Nutrition


Your Healthy Living Magazine


Olive Magazine

Compassionate Dorset

A Nose for Food

All about Vegan Food

Monsoon of Random

Citrus Spice UK

The Food Connoisseur


July 2014

Cook Vegetarian Magazine



Oh Hello Mango

All about Vegan Food

We don't Eat anything with a Face


Vegan in Brighton

Rambling through Parenthood

Lisa Cherry Beaumont


Rasta Ites

All About Vegan Food - special interview with Vegan Smythe


Elegantly Vegan!~214


June 2014

Food Festival Finder

My Green Directory

Natural Lifestyle Magazine



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