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Published author, international speaker and consultant

Appearing Saturday 12pm at the Vegan Athletes Summit

Leigh-Chantelle is a published author, international speaker and consultant, who lives mostly in Brisbane, Australia. She gives lectures, workshops, consultations, and coaching on online marketing, communication, and vegan health & lifestyle. Leigh-Chantelle been vegan for almost 20 years, and has run the online vegan community Viva la Vegan! since 2005, bringing positive education, information and vegan outreach to a worldwide audience. Her most recent book is a collection of interviews with over 100 vegan athletes from all over the world. She previously founded and ran the not-for-profit environmental awareness Green Earth Group from 2009-2013, which put on two successful all-vegan environmental festivals, and many smaller events, in Brisbane.

Leigh-Chantelle is an in-demand consultant and speaker for small businesses and corporate clients, where she shares her vegan lifestyle tips along with her other passions: technology and communicating online. She gives talks and coaching on topics ranging from online marketing, communication, etiquette, security; and writing and independently releasing books and eBooks. She is currently creating online programmes, workbooks and retreats for all of these topics.

Leigh-Chantelle has released four print books: Expert Tips from Vegan Athletes, Fitness Fanatics & Exercise Enthusiasts; There's a Vegan in the Kitchen: Viva la Vegan's Easy and Tasty Plant-Based Recipes, My USA Adventures, and What Do Vegans Eat? Along with three recipe calendars, a plant-based Detox Diet eBook, various other recipe eBooks, re-released her recipe calendars as recycled recipe cards, and is always working on other books and eBooks. She is an accredited naturopath, nutritionist and Western herbalist (no longer practicing) who likes to focus on the importance of the ethics beyond the (vegan) plate.

Over the past 19 years since Leigh-Chantelle has been vegan, she has been involved as an organiser, sponsor, performer, speaker, MC and stall holder for various animal rights, vegan, vegetarian, environmental and cruelty-free fundraisers, forums, conferences, festivals and events throughout Australia and Internationally. She has released various EPs and music videos, and previously had visions of grandeur of her place in the music industry, until reality and her busy life intervened. She has recently been inspired to create new music again, so stay tuned.

Leigh-Chantelle and Viva la Vegan! can be found on all Social Media channels including FaceBook, Google+, Instagram, iTunes, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube.
All her print books are available to purchase online including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
You can find her music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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