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Kate Strong

Kate Strong

World Chamption triathlete, vegan

Appearing on Saturday at the Vegan Athletes Summit



Kate is a World Champion triathlete, whole-food fuelled athlete, multiple award winning entrepreneur, multi-linguist, globe-trotter, philanthropist, author, social entrepreneur and Engineer.

From an early age, Kate Strong set out to question everything and prove that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.


Thriving in Life

After graduating with a Double Masters in Mechanical Engineering in French and English, Kate chose to step away from ‘society’s tick-list lifestyle’ and create a life that would keep her thriving, not just existing.

From hiking some of the highest volcanoes in Central America to diving in the underground tunnels of Mexico, Kate lived life to the maximum.


Breaking the Norm

The larger the challenge, the larger the potential awaits us. Kate did slip into ‘settling for normality’ and found herself in a toxic relationship and an unhealthy lifestyle.

6 days before her wedding, and with the knowledge that this decision would leave her with a seven-figure debt, she chose to face her life and make some dramatic changes: The first was to live a life she was proud of and to stop settling for mediocre.

Three years later, Kate is World Champion in triathlon (fuelled by plants), debt-free and empowering positive changes in businesses and communities globally.


Crossover in Knowledge???

Trained as an Engineer, competed at an elite level in triathlon and being a successful entrepreneur, Kate has a diverse skillset that encompasses mental strength, creating a strong vision and devising processes to achieve large goals.

Kate knows first-hand the importance of maintaining balance in business and life to ensure sustainable growth and long-lasting success for individuals and corporations.


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