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Joe Brydon


Animal Alliance

Appearing Sunday in the Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference

Although relatively new to the activist scene, Joe has been involved in a range of campaigns for both animal and humanitarian causes for a variety of organisations. His main areas of work outside abolitionist vegan education are in the fields of disarmament and environmental justice. Working for Campaign Against Arms Trade, CND and with publications from Peace News to The Young Quaker, he sees political issues as closely tied to his spirituality and has at the core of his ideology a strict commitment to nonviolence. A recurring theme in his writing is the importance of equality in offering a more complete view of nonviolence.

Alongside this, Joe has worked as a consultant on a new LGBT-inclusive sex education curriculum currently being used in several Bristol schools and is an active member of Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship.

His group, The Animal Alliance, focuses on abolitionist vegan outreach in and around Brighton, regularly holding stalls in the city centre giving away free food, literature and answering questions from passers-by about the vegan lifestyle.

Aside from his activism, he studies history at Sussex University, where he has started teaching vegan cookery classes, and balances that with playing in Road Not Taken, a five piece folk band whose first EP was released earlier this year.

He is looking forward to speaking at the first pro-intersectional conference at VegFest London, as he feels that a recognition of intersectional issues is key to any kind of justice movement.

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