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Cookery demos

On Level One, with some ingenious chefs demonstrating their delightful creations to light up your plant based diets

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12:00 - Tomi Makanjuola - Jollof Rice (A West African Classic)

1:00 - Christine BaileySupercharge Your Body with Superfood Dishes

2:00 - Nishma Shah - Shambhu's Vegan Treats & Sweets

3:00 - Vanessa Almeida (Essential Vegan) - Tofu two ways

4:00 - Liz Hughes (Our Lizzy / Animal Aid) - Vegan Vitality

5:00 - David Bailey - Vegan dim sum and small plates 

6.00 - Day RadleyThink Like A Chef



11:00 - Jane EastonRecipes from the Viva! Cookbook

12:00 - Aine CarlinRosemary & Pear Stuffed French Toast 

1:00 - Pasquale AmicoVegan Cashew Nut Cheese

2:00 - Lee Watson - Keralan Coconut and Vegetable Curry (Aviyal)

3:00 - Christophe BolisProvençal Cuisine for Vegans

4:00 - Jane Hughes - Vegetarian for Life – Cooking for One



12:00 - Tomi Makanjuola - Jollof Rice (A West African Classic)

In this cookery demo, I will be showing you a quick and easy way to make the classic Nigerian dish, jollof rice. This will be served with plantain, coleslaw and a spicy red vegetable sauce to make a mouthwatering and flavour-packed meal that’s perfect for any occasion.


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1.00 - Christine Bailey - Supercharge Your Body with Superfood Dishes

Nutritional Chef Christine Bailey will demonstrate a range of delicious, healing Paleo & Vegan dishes to nourish your whole body – sample her incredible Raw Lime Avocado Supergreens Cheesecake, Detox Tabbouleh and Green Digestive healing Juices.


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2:00 - Nishma Shah - Shambhu's Vegan Treats & Sweets

Nishma Shah is the vegan chef & cookery teacher behind Shambhu's, the award-winning, Vegan Society registered, London-based family-run vegan caterer and cookery school. 

The new Shambhu's cookery school regularly runs vegan cookery classes for adults and children (including a series over the summer holidays).

At this year's VegfestUK London, as the festive season approaches, Nishma of Shambhu's is delighted to be partnering with The Vegan Society to bring you a tantalising demonstration of a variety of yummy yet simple-to-make vegan sweet treats to enjoy with all your friends & family :-)

Comment from an attendee of Nishma's sweet treats demonstration at last year's VegfestUK London:

"the date & nut sweets were so easy to make at home and delicious too!"

So be sure you don't miss what Nishma has in store for you this year! 



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3:00 - Vanessa Almeida (Essential Vegan) - Tofu two ways

Learn how to cook using this amazingly healthy and versatile ingredient. Big in the vegan community tofu not only absorbs all the flavours you throw at it but it's also low in calories, contains no cholesterol and is an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium.




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4.00 - Liz Hughes (Our Lizzy / Animal Aid) - Vegan Vitality

Lizzy Hughes runs Our Lizzy Cooking. She combined her skills as a school teacher and cook to create vegan cookery days from her purpose built kitchen in Malvern, Worcestershire. www.ourlizzy.com Lizzy enjoys using a wide range of locally grown seasonal produce. She loves exploring new ingredients and developing new recipes. She runs specialist courses in tofu, dairy free and gluten free cookery. She added, “I have been vegan for over 20 years, it’s a great way of life.”

At the festival she will demonstrate some quick and easy main meals packed with nutrients which are both vegan and gluten free in her Vegan Vitality Cookery Demonstration.

Animal Aid


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5.00 - David Bailey - Vegan dim sum and small plates 

David will be demonstrating 'vegan dim sum and small plates'. We always think that one of the best ways to enjoy plant based meals is to have lots of small sharing plates and the tradition of dim sum lends itself perfectly to this way of eating. Drawing on David's many years of working as a Pan-Asian chef and our extensive travels throughout the region, the class will demonstrate some of our favourites.


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6.00 - Day Radley - Think Like A Chef

In this demo Chef Day will show you how to create easy quick but perfectly balanced meals whilst also showing you chef cheats. She believes that anyone can think like a chef and indeed be a chef, and she will show you how.......


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11:00 - Jane Easton - 
Recipes from the Viva! Cookbook

Viva!'s food and cookery coordinator Jane Easton, also author of the latest widely acclaimed Viva! cookbook with hundreds of amazing vegan recipes, demonstrates:

  • Coconut Parsnip with Red Beans, Lime & Ginger. Even if you’re not keen on the humble parsnip, this recipe will change your mind!  Serve as a main course or side dish. (GF)
  • Medjool Dates with Cream Cheese & Sherry Vanilla Sauce (GF) – a quick yet sophisticated dessert


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12:00 - Aine Carlin - Rosemary & Pear Stuffed French Toast

A delicious brunch recipe that is sure to wow, my Rosemary & Pear Stuffed French Toast never fails to impress. With layers of flavour sandwiched between crispy 'eggy' bread, it really is show-stopping dish not to be missed. Grab your skillet and let's go!



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1:00 - Pasquale Amico - Vegan Cashew Nut Cheese

This delicious dish is full of flavour and nutrition and can be used to jazz up a variety of dishes, you can spoon it over pasta and salads, spread it on aromatic Italian breads and crackers, use it as a vegetable or fruit dip or create a dressing by simply mixing a spoonful or so with more extra virgin olive oil and an organic vinegar of choice. Enjoy! 


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2:00 - Lee Watson - Keralan Coconut and Vegetable Curry (Aviyal)

Lee will be cooking a recipe from his recent vegan cook book 'Peace and Parsnips'; the traditional Keralan curry, Aviyal, a South Indian classic.  Coconut makes Keralan cuisine so distinct and also a paradise for vegans.  Lee has travelled extensively in India and will be sharing some of his travel and cooking stories around this vibrant part of the world.


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3:00 - Christophe Bolis - Provençal Cuisine for Vegans

Christophe Bolis is the owner of Cafe de France a thriving restaurant and cafe bar in the delightful village of Caderousse in Provence in the south of France. Having trained in classical French cuisine he sees vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and catering for them as a challenge and the "modèle de la future". As chef de cuisine he purchases all his supplies from local producers and makes a point of visiting them personally. He runs courses specialising in vegan and vegetarian versions of Provençal favourites such as Salade Niçoise, Panisses and Navette Biscuit. He is set to play a major role in a new course for English speakers who want to learn vegan cuisine à la francais and improve their spoken French at the same time.

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4.00 - Jane Hughes - Vegetarian for Life – Cooking for One

The latest publication from Vegetarian for Life is aimed at elderly vegetarians and vegans who are cooking for themselves. It includes nutritional advice and tips on meal delivery services that cater for veggies. VfL’s roving chef, Jane Hughes, demonstrates some dishes from the booklet which is available free of charge.


Twitter @vegfoodwriter

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