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Cookery demos

On Level One, with some ingenious chefs demonstrating their delightful creations to light up your plant based diets

Sponsored by Koko Dairy Free 


Equipment kindly supplied by Vegusto



Cookery demos kindly compèred by Adrian Smith of Vegan Peasant Catering

Floor plans here



12:00 - Nishma Shah - Let's go bananas!

1:00 - Christine Bailey - Gut healthy, lean vegan - healthy gluten-free, vegan dishes to boost your digestive health

2:00 - Pasquale Amico - Chestnut and Banana Cake (Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free)

3:00 - Tomi Makanjuola - Unique Vegan Pancakes

4:00 - Day Radley - Adventures with Aquafaba

5:00 - Elisabeth Haljas - Diverse world of buckwheat



11:00 - Ellie Bedford - Sugar free vegan!

12:00 - Kirly Sue - Taste and see Vegan Jamaican cooking in less than an hour

1:00 - Matty Bowling - Grilling and Smoking​

2:00 - Mel Rogers - Mels Kindness Kitchen Vegan Cheese Demonstration

3:00 - Simone Remoli - Potato gnocchi with spicy cherry tomato sauce

4:00 - Adrian Smith - Basil Pesto Arancini



12:00 - Nishma Shah - Let's go bananas!

Did you know that, as well as enjoying them straight out of their skin, there is so much more you can do with the versatile banana to make some tasty dishes oozing with vegan whole food goodness? Join Nishma of Shambhu's as she reveals some banana secrets and cooks up some banana delights :-)

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1:00 - Christine Bailey - Gut healthy, lean vegan - healthy gluten-free, vegan dishes to boost your digestive health

Christine will be appearing at VEGFEST London demonstrating a range of delicious nourishing gluten free, vegan dishes designed to nourish your gut. Based on her latest books THE GUT HEALTH DIET AND GO LEAN VEGAN both endorsed by leading experts and nutritionists Christine shows you how to nourish your gut with gluten free, vegan dishes. Learn how to boost your body’s healthy gut bacteria, lower inflammation and nourish your gut with sweet treats and savoury dishes. This is a  demonstration not to miss if you want to boost your gut health and overall vitality

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2:00 - Pasquale Amico - Chestnut and Banana Cake (Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free)

Cakes are the perfect way to celebrate occasions, say thank you, or to simply share and enjoy with family and friends. Pasquale Amico's Chestnut, Banana and Rice Flake Cake is a tried and tested favourite at his restaurant and so popular that we just had to share it with VegFest visitors! Served warm, drizzled with vanilla cream or a scoop of berry ice cream makes this cake even more moreish that you'll have your vegan and non-vegan friends coming back for seconds... or thirds. We will be posting this delicious cake recipe on Amico Bio website when the show starts.

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3:00 - Tomi Makanjuola - Unique Vegan Pancakes

If you're looking for ways to jazz up your vegan pancake repertoire then this is the demo for you. Join Tomi of The Vegan Nigerian as she showcases two of her original pancake recipes: Malted Plantain Pancakes, and Sweet Potato Pancakes. Deliciously unique and flavour-packed. Stay till the end to get a taste!

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4:00 - Day Radley - Adventures with Aquafaba

Join Vegan Chef Day for an adventure with aquafaba and a cooking Q and A. This miracle ingredient will become a regular feature in your cooking after this demo. Along the way she will share chef secrets, tips and tricks with a vegan cooking Q and A to help you supercharge your food creations. 

Chef Day Radley works as a food designer and personal chef specialising in innovative healthy vegan cuisine. She has worked in Asia, Africa and across Europe taking this new way of cooking and eating to new audiences. She is featured in Vegan Food & Living, Vegan Health & Fitness and The Vegan Society magazines.

Over 21 years ago Day became vegan for purely ethical reasons however it also cured her of a lengthy bout of severe anaemia and fatigue. This opened her eyes to the curative and health giving properties of the veganism. Since that time she has continued to experiment with her diet to cure lifelong IBS and to increase her muscle strength and overall vitality.

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5:00 - Elisabeth Haljas - Diverse world of buckwheat

Buckwheat is thousands of years old pseudocereal that is only gaining its popularity in Western cuisine in the recent years. I will be showing a few different ways to make the most of this highly satiating and nourishing food in the form of porridge, risotto, and cakes, samples of which will be given at the end.

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11:00 - Ellie Bedford - Sugar free vegan!

Learn how to make some of your favourite foods without all the refined sugar! We'll cover the types of sugar substitutes, how best to use them and create some tasty recipes with them too. Learn how to make delicious museli waffles, protein smoothies and tasty raw granola bars, perfect for snack times or breakfast on the go!

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12:00 - Kirly Sue - Taste and see Vegan Jamaican cooking in less than an hour 

Join me on culinary vegan trip to Jamaica and learn how to make my signature dish "Plantain Cups with Ackee Filling". In addition you will learn some vegan cookery tips and get the opportunity to get a set of vegan Jamaican recipe sheets too

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1:00 - Matty Bowling - Grilling and Smoking​

Matty will be demonstrating the techniques and flavour benefits of chargrilling and barbecued vegetables combined with world flavours.

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2:00 - Mel Rogers - Mels Kindness Kitchen Vegan Cheese Demonstration

For many people the hardest part of becoming a vegan is doing without cheese! In her popular classes Mel Rogers shows us that we dont have to do without and can create delicious vegan cheese for ourselves.The simple recipes that Mel has developed are easy to make and adaptable for family cooking, using affordable ingredients that are easy to find, the methods she demonstrates will give you the skills and knowledge to experiment with your favourite flavours and to create vegan cheese in your own kitchen.

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3:00 - Simone Remoli - Potato gnocchi with spicy cherry tomato sauce

This easy to follow vegan recipe of a classic Italian favourite, (written in Simone Remoli's authentic Italian style) will makes the perfect meal for friends and family for any occasion. Vegan gnocchi couldn't be simpler to make from scratch and teamed up with classic, hearty Spicy Cherry Tomato sauce say ‘hello' to your new favourite tea time staple!

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4:00 - Adrian Smith - Basil Pesto Arancini

Have you ever wondered how to make Sicilian style arancini? Chef Adrian will create amazing, golden arancini (fried risotto balls) seasoned with basil pesto, roasted sunflower seeds and vegan parmesan. He will also demonstrate how to make delicious aioli style sauces and seasonings. Make sure to stay until the end for the tasting and recipe cards.

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