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Some truly mouthwatering hot food from superb caterers on Level 1, creating a food heaven at the show

Location of caterers on floor plans here

All food served is 100% vegan, with no animal products used in any ingredients, pans and utensils.





Damage Limitation

Dosa Deli

Essential Vegan

Giving It Back Community

Global Fusion

Happy Maki


Just FaB - Veg-Italian

Ms. Cupcake Ltd

Pitfield Brewery

Pomodoro E Basilico

Ruperts Street

St Best Caterers

Temple of Seitan

The Dutch Weed Burger

The Greedy Rabbit

The Greenbean Cafe

Vegan Chef Diary

Vegan Dishes


World Food



A range of flavours from the global African/Caribbean experience of spices and herbs, including: the Veggibab (instead of kebab) wraps, Veggie patties, salad buffets, and other main cultural dishes.

Twitter @Browninsfood 

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Chaatit provides exquisite Indian vegetarian street food specialising in authentic flavours straight from streets of Mumbai to you. 'Finger licking' dishes include Masala Chips, Samosa Chaat and Thali consisting of Veg Curry and Rice. You even have the opportunity to purchase the prepacked special Masalas to create your own dishes.

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Damage Limitation is all about delicious freshly made juices and smoothies to help limit to damage of too much cake or booze! We also make a mean raw chocolate superfood slice!

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We are Dosa Deli, a street food & private catering company. We take inspiration from Asia in the dosa dishes we produce. Our food is healthy, vegan, and homemade. We are a street food duo dedicated to producing exciting, innovative and seasonal dishes.

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Essential Vegan is known for the high quality of its products. We only use the best ingredients to make the most delicious cakes and burgers. Through our website and cookbook, we are committed to share easy to make recipes and tips to make cooking enjoyable and easy. Check out our website for more information:

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We have developed an organic natural homemade recipe for vegan waffles and other vegan desserts. Having embarked on a journey of clean eating and healthy eating we recognise the importance of eating the right foods and also the impact this has upon our bodies. We recognise that in order to make that transition it can be difficult as there aren't many alternative options that allow you to maintain healthy eating habits whilst eating out. Our products will include:

Vegan shakes 
Cakes and flapjacks 
Ice cream 
Frozen yoghurt

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Welcome to Global Fusion, the Cassava's vegan bakery. That's right - no eggs or milk!

Global Fusion believe that people, all people, should be able to enjoy tasty well-prepared food from the wonderful world of Creole home cooking. After all Creole is a fusion of some of the best cooking from around the world.

Their mission is to make sustainable products that as many people can enjoy as possible. As such they don't use any animal products or nuts, they use less salt and sugar, and provide a large range of gluten and sugar free delights. Where possible they use locally sourced organic ingredients, and when not they use sustainable fairtrade food stuffs.

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Happy Maki is all about taste sensation sushi rolled fresh to order - without the fish! Bursting with fusion fillings our maki rolls are super addictive and healthy too.  Whether you want the Thai Sweet Potato wrap with extra avo, white or brown rice or fully loaded up with wasabi, Happy Maki provides vegan sushi at its best.  To top it all off the sushi bar runs out of a gorgeous French Renault Estafette called Gloria, a true trendsetter on the British Street Food scene.

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Delicious, organic, HEMP BURGERS and HEMP SMOOTHIES!
Made from hemp seed, grown by us, in Oxfordshire.
Also selling our seed oil, shelled seed, seed butter!
We are harnessing hemp's potential as an extremely nutritious source of protein and fat, housing and paper, plastic and medicine.

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Veg.Italian Street Food & Beverages

The street food scene in Sicily inspires just FaB Vegan Italian Food Bus; even through the credit crisis, food trucks remained popular throughout the region and Fabio Pironti dreamed of reinterpreting the philosophy of Sicilian food trucks in an healthier way, bringing his mamma's vegan cooking to the streets of London.

Fabio converted the double decker red bus in 2014, keeping as many original features as possible and up cycling material to create a unique dining space within a London icon. The food bus began its life wandering the festival scene for one year before becoming fixed in September 2015 in the heart of Hackney.

In keeping with the spirit of Sicilian food trucks, Just FaB is a true family venture. Fabio's own mamma Myra moved over from Sicily to help create the menu. A vegan herself since 20 years, Myra is passionate about reinventing traditional Italian food to a vegan version.

Specialty Sicilian ingredients (such as the fiery chilli oil) are sourced from family farms and businesses in Sicily.  "Where possible our ingredients are organic and we have a zero-mileage policy, sourcing as many ingredients locally as we can", says Fabio. "Our bread is made by professional backers and come in two kind Focaccia and Ciabatta, both amazing" The dynamic space outside the bus - The Yard - has been created using reclaimed pallets and benches. 

"We run an ever-changing schedule of events in The Yard, we occasionally screen movies in the yard." Come on down to the Just FaB Veg-Italian Double Decker Bus and discover a new interpretation of Italian cuisine!

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We love indulgent Vegan food just like you so why should we stop at the sweet stuff? We're shaking up our offering at the festival this year with not only our classic cake stall, but a separate hot-food stand! Prepare your mouth for a taste explosion from American-inspired dishes such as Mac & Cheese, Chilli, Pulled Jackfruit, and our famous sandwiches. So come hungry and let us feed your belly!

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We are bringing our vegan pub to London. We serve handpulled and keg craft beer, cider, and wine, Pitfield Eco Warrior, Pitfield 1850 London Porter, Dominion Woodbine Racer and Rose Brew beers will all be available. Great ciders and wines, and our record player and LP's to amuse and entertain.

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Pomodoro E Basilico is the vegan Italian food business based in London and run by Sara, an Italian chef who started it four years ago with supper clubs, cookery lessons, catering and since 2015 street food market stalls.

Her cooking is proper Italian, 100% vegan and homemade, with a strong link to the Italian food tradition, but always open to new cuisines and influences.

She's currently trading in Brick Lane every weekend with her popular vegan burgers completely homemade from scratch, from the bread buns to the seitan patties and all the sauces like beetroot ketchup or garlic mayo.

Follow Pomodoro E Basilico here:

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Rupert's is a vegan street food truck, we serve Sustainable, healthy food that is naturally good for you. We serve the best quality Vegan food at markets and events all over London. We also cater at festivals, weddings and other occasions across the UK.

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St Best Caterers

Ital vital vegan. Caribbean food at its best using natural ingredients.

Delicious snacks including Vegan patties and  Plantain 

Mains are gluten free including Chickpea and Sweet potato curry , Callaloo with Spinach and Veggie Chunks all served with Rice and Beans.

Enjoy a drink of Sorrel our vitamin rich Hibiscus brew served cold.

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Temple of Seitan is a London based street food stall specialising in plant based versions of American fast food classics.


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The Dutch Weed Burger is one of the healthiest burgers on the planet, with seaweed as the key flavour maker. The juicy patty is made of briny soy shreds and Royal Kombu, a tasty and healthy winter weed, sustainably cultivated in the Dutch region of Zeeland. The crispy O-mega bun colours bright green, due to the superfood chlorella, a microalgae packed with nutritious proteins and Omega acids. The finishing taste touch is done by our Sea Sauce, enriched with Sea Lettuce, a fresh summer weed that brings a nice freshness to this healthy snack. The burger is vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal.

We use soy beans from controlled cultivation in North America, obviously NON-GMO!
Our Seasauce is made from organic ingredients and is enriched with Sea Lettuce.

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The Greedy Rabbit. The very best in 'Rabbit Food' we strive to provide a service where herbivores & omnivores alike can indulge in our incredible International gourmet street food. We are all sometimes guilty of craving for something a little bit naughty & we dutifully fulfil that need.

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The GreenBean Café mantra is "wholesome no-fuss vegetarian & vegan food made to satisfy any hunger". We make "Food for health & happiness" using the freshest seasonally ingredients, sourced locally from organic producers in the UK. We pride our menus on the colours of the rainbow and challenge you to always "Eat the Rainbow".

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South American Street Food, Just delicious, healthy, organic and gluten-free pancake on the stick.

Instagram #veganchefdiary

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Vegan Dishes - From Somerset where the organic veg grow. We offer amazingly delicious healthy, home-cooked, fresh vegan meals filled with nutrients. All of our vegetables are steamed not boiled, so you can enjoy full flavour and benefit from all of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

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Sumptuous vegan hot dogs full of bite, texture and flavour, with a close resemblance to their meat-based counterparts.

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I am vegan. I am beautiful. World Food is proud to be taking part in yet another fantastic Vegfest event, this time in London, bringing the amazingly delicious range of home-made totally 'vegan', 'gluten free' lentil burgers in a range of flavours all stuffed in a freshly baked traditional flat bread accompanied by a massive range of freshly prepared salads. You will know where we are, just follow the que!!!

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