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Stimulating and interesting and dynamic sessions taking place in this 450-seater main auditorium at Level 3

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*11:30 - Peter Ebdon - Why are so many snooker players going Vegan?

1:00 - Dr. Casey Taft - Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy

*2:00 - Andy Ramage & Ruari Fairbairns - What giving up alcohol and going vegan have in common

3:00 - VegfestUK Awards Presentation Ceremony

*4:00 - Nimai Delgado - The New Era of Vegan Bodybuilding

*5:00 - Vegan Bodybuilding - Shoulder press contest

* as part of the Vegan Athletes Summit


Sunday (pro-intersectional vegan conference)

11:00 - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters - Race, Class & Species: An Introduction to the Intersections of Relative Oppressions

12:00 - 

1:00 - Brenda Sanders - A Comprehensive Intersectional Approach to Vegan Activism

2:00 - lauren Ornelas - Food Justice: Your Food Choices can change the world

3:00 - Raffaella Ciavatta - One Struggle, One Fight. How to Fight for Humans and Animal Rights

4:00 - Omowale Adewale - Why Intersectionality is a Struggle



11:30 - Peter Ebdon - Why are so many snooker players going Vegan?

Ivan Horowitz, the press officer for World Snooker, was asked by a leading magazine to do a feature article on why so many Snooker players are becoming Vegan. Peter Ebdon was naturally his first port of call. Find out why.


1:00 - Dr. Casey Taft - Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy

This talk will focus on how to most effectively motivate others to go vegan, from a behavioral change perspective. Principles and tactics from clinical psychology with a long history of innovation and research evaluation have not been brought into the animal advocacy realm. This talk will focus on how we can be more impactful communicators and advocates. 

2:00 - Andy Ramage & Ruari Fairbairns - What giving up alcohol and going vegan have in common

The conventional wisdom that suggests you need alcohol in your life to have fun, and meat to enjoy food - is wrong. This talk explores the psychology behind large-scale habit change and how an alcohol free movement OneYearNoBeer could encourage more people to attempt a vegan lifestyle.

3:00 - VegfestUK Awards Presentation Ceremony

The VegfestUK Awards celebrate the very best of a vegan lifestyle in the UK. This year there are altogether 16 categories with 10 nominees each.

Voting closes at the end of September at

The awards winners will be announced at the presentation ceremony, with trophies for the awards will be presented by Karin Ridgers, presenter of VeggieVision TV, alongside frontman John Robb of punk rock band Goldblade and singer with The Membranes.

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4:00 - Nimai Delgado - The New Era of Vegan Bodybuilding

Nimai Delgado, IFFB Professional Bodybuilder discusses the new era of vegan bodybuilding.  With vegan popularity on the rise Nimai will be covering topics about nutrition tips, protein consumption, common misconceptions and myths, and his journey to the Olympia stage.

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5:00 - Vegan Bodybuilding - Shoulder press contest

The event will be a single dumbbell shoulder press (15Kg males, 7Kg females).  The event will be how many continuous repetitions a contestant can achieve.  Partial reps & ‘push pressing’ will not be allowed & the judges may end any event if they feel a safety issue arises (either to the contestant or the audience).  

The judge’s decision is final.

The winners will receive prizes from several companies awarded on the day.

The event will be free to enter.

The event will be photographed & by entering the contest you agree to allow photographs of yourself to be used (on the internet or other mediums) by vegan bodybuilding & other sponsors of the event.

For more details on Vegan Bodybuilding, visit 



11:00 - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters -  Race, Class Species: An Introduction to the Intersections of Relative Oppressions

This talk explains the socio-political relevance of veganism as a tool to dismantle classism, environmental racism, and speciesism.


1:00 - Brenda Sanders - A Comprehensive Intersectional Approach to Vegan Activism 

This talk gives a foundational understanding of why an intersectional approach to vegan outreach is important, shows examples of what this kind of activism looks like, and illustrates the pitfalls of taking a non-intersectional approach when doing vegan activism. I will be using examples from our Food Justice work in the States to demonstrate how important it is to understand how to effectively engage with people who live at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression.


2:00 - lauren Ornelas - Food Justice: Your Food Choices can change the world

Just because something is vegan, doesn’t mean it is cruelty free. In this talk find out how do your food choices impact humans, animals and the environment around the globe. What does a just food system look like and how can you make it possible? Your food choices can have impacts beyond your own kitchen, including the exploitation of workers and animals, as well as the effects of environmental racism. Learn what you can do to help create a more just and equitable food system. 


3:00 - Raffaella Ciavatta - One Struggle, One Fight. How to Fight for Humans and Animal Rights

Is it possible to do grassroots activism that dismantles multiple forms of oppression?

Does focusing on multiple issue weakens the message? 

Collective Free wants to provide a holistic view of what activism could like, with case studies and tips for activists. 


4:00 - Omowale Adewale - Why Intersectionality is a Struggle

Omowale presents the basis for intersectionality and the oppressive conditions involving sex, race, class, 3rd world, etc. Social change is about justice being fundamental and primary to peaceful conditions. Omowale explains why we must expect, respect and welcome the narrative of the oppressed and all animals' will to rage and provide no peace until there is justice for all. 

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