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Descriptions - Talks Room 4

Vegan Athletes Summit - Talks Room 4



12:00 - Omowale Adewale - Why I Don't Rely on Supplements and Protein Shakes (by Skype)

1:00 - Christine ‘Peanut' Vardaros - Plant Fuelled Wheels - A Plant-based diet for active lives

2:00 - Professional Bodybuilding Q&A

3:00 - David Smith MBE - How Veganism Changed My Life

4:00 - Tim ‘Livewire' Shieff - Change your Water, Change your Life

5:00 - Mick Walker - Tour de Vegan via VeganSoc Birmingham and friends



12:00 - Omowale Adewale - Why I Don't Rely on Supplements and Protein Shakes (by Skype)

Plant-Based Nutritionist and Fight Champion Omowale discusses his approach to fight training and building muscle with vegan food and why he often abstains from consuming supplements and protein powders. Wale will give his personal nutritional regimen for increasing and decreasing weight depending upon specific fight-weight categories.

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1:00 - Christine ‘Peanut' Vardaros - Champion Cyclist cyclocross racer Plant Fuelled Wheels A Plant-based diet for active lives

The ultimate vegan diet to get the most out of your body and its genetic potential. For when great just isn't good enough and you'd prefer to be awesome

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2:00 - Professional Bodybuilding Q&A

Never before has so much plant fuelled muscle been gathered in one room. Your chance to ask the experts on how to get a competitive edge and get more power, more tone, more girth, more beauty to new vegan muscle.


- Stephen Coote - Bodybuilder & Powerlifter (Chairing/5 min presentation with introductions/fielding questions)
- Barny & Josie Du Plessis - Mr and Mrs. Universe 2014 (TBC)
- Karl Bruder - Bodybuilder
- Jon Venus - Bodybuilder and YouTube
- Robert Cheeke - Bodybuilder and author
- Pat Reeves - Powerlifter and General Secretary of BDFPA


Barny Du Plessis:
Karl Bruder:
Jon Venus:
Robert Cheeke:
Pat Reeves:

Stephen Coote

Barny Du Plessis

Karl Bruder

Jon Venus

Robert Cheeke

Pat Reeves

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3:00 - David Smith MBE - How Veganism Changed My Life

With his veganism inspired by Rich Roll, David has overcome tremendous physical and health challenges to become a gold medallist "I feel better now at 36 and after three major neck surgeries than I have ever felt in my life and I owe that to a vegan diet. It is also great to know that you're not only giving your body the best nourishment but your also not hurting any animals and helping the planet."

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4:00 - Tim ‘Livewire' Shieff - Parkour and Freerunner - Change your Water, Change your Life

As an athlete switching to a vegan diet I noticed a lot of benefits in recovery, focus and general well being. When I got my water right however I noticed the same benefits with even more consistency. This talk is aimed to show you that not all water is equal and how the subtle differences between the bottled, tap and pure water we drink makes huge implications on our health, fitness and well being. Essentially exploring one theory into why Veganism sometimes works so well and why sometimes it fails. I aim to inform you of my personal experience and research into H20 and how a simple shift of awareness in something so many of us already do can have great benefits in our quality of life.

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5:00 - Mick Walker - Tour de Vegan via VeganSoc Birmingham and friends

Mick Walker shows how even in later years veganism can lead us to new horizons and solutions for degenerative health conditions. Proving his point, Mick will cycle from The Vegan Society in Birmingham to the VegfestUK Athletes Summit at Olympia London in time for his talk at 5pm.

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