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A host of experts on raw living foods demonstrating inventive raw recipes and sharing their insights

Located on Level 1 - see floor plan here

Sponsored by Tribest



12:00 - Barbara Fernandez - How to make ONE meal for everyone...in minutes

1:00 - Karen Knowler - Raw Food Made Simple Recipes

2:00 - Christine Bailey - Cleanse & Rejuvenate: Your 3 Day Detox Plan

3:00 - Anneka Svenska - Vegan health, juicing, smoothies and a healthy lifestyle for the vegan

4.00 - Kate Magic - Superfoods

5:00 - Amaranatho - Eating your Karma

6.00 - Karen Ranzi The Best Ever Raw Romaine Burrito



11:00 - Chantal Di Donato - Add Raw: How to implement the super power of raw foods into your diet

12:00 - Amanda Hamilton (Tribest) - 5 minutes a day to change your life

1:00 - Russell James - Weekday Raw

2:00 - Deborah Durrant (Deliciously Raw) - Deliciously Raw Entertaining

3:00 - Denisa Ratulea - 7 Steps to Heal and be Energised

4:00 - Ellie Bedford - Easy Raw Food Recipes For Busy Families!



Barbara Fernandez - How to make ONE meal for everyone...in minutes

Ever made three different dinners, just to keep everyone happy? Learn to make ONE meal for everyone, even if you like to eat raw vegan, your partner or children want pasta...and your guests want gourmet. Basic ingredients, simple equipment, a minimum of time – no cooking skills required.


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Karen Knowler - Raw Food Made Simple Recipes

Going raw is one of the best things you can do for your health, energy, ethics and overall culinary delight. If you’ve felt curious about how to introduce more raw food to your diet in a way that is easy, simple, delicious and doable, then “Raw Food Made Simple” is for you! Join raw food expert Karen Knowler as she demonstrates some of her favourite quick and easy raw food recipes that she promises will taste even better than your cooked veggie favourites.


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Christine Bailey - Cleanse & Rejuvenate: Your 3 Day Detox Plan

Christine will be demonstrating a range of cleansing, detox supporting recipes that you can implement over a 3 day detox programme.  Attend Christine’s demo and you will also receive your 3 day detox programme to revitalise your body, ditch excess fat and rejuvenate energy levels. Sample a range of delicious easy to create sweet and savoury dishes.


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Anneka Svenska - Vegan health, juicing, smoothies and a healthy lifestyle for the vegan

‘The Little Green Angel’, juicing and fitness expert and founder of Angels for the Innocent Foundation - Anneka Svenska presents an informal demonstration on how to start a juicing and smoothie diet complementary to your daily routine. With plenty of dietary tips on essential vitamins, vegan substituting and which exercises are best to both tone and heal the body, Anneka will let you into her secret of her eternal and ethical youthfulness. 





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Kate Magic - Superfoods

Kate Magic will be talking on superfoods. They might be all the buzz right now, but what actually is a superfood, and why should we be taking them? Kate will discuss why she believes them to be so essential, and share which the best ones to start with are, and how easiest to take them. 



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Amaranatho - Eating your Karma

The world seems full of conflict, paradoxes, environmental disasters, failing governments and religious extremism. Or does it? What part does your karma have to play in this? How do you use your karma to support your spiritual and personal growth?

Amaranatho will explore his personal journey of how he has related to his karma and how this can lead to a freedom which is not dependent on karma. Two years ago he got toxic poisoning from black mould and his recovery was based on nutritional approach, which included raw food. He made a strong commitment to being vegetarian after being a cowboy/manager on one of South Australia biggest cattle and sheep stations.  This lead him to meditation and for the last fifteen years a Buddhist monk, he disrobed in April of 2015 to concentrate on what he enjoys most, helping and serving people.

His approach is based on exploring what happens in the present moment, with an attitude of play, wrapped in a heart full of love. He will provide practical tools to help explore karma based on mindfulness, integrating spirituality with the personality and allowing it to manifest in daily life.



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6.00 - Karen Ranzi - The Best Ever Raw Romaine Burrito

You will want to stay at 6 pm to try award-winning author and certified raw food chef, Karen Ranzi’s, very popular raw food entrée, Raw Romaine Burrito, a delicious raw tortilla stuffed with Karen’s famous walnut taco filling. Make sure to join Karen at the Raw Living Zone and taste this delectable treat.


Karen Ranzi’s new website: www.SuperHealthyRaw.com 

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Chantal Di Donato - Add Raw:  how to implement the super power of raw foods into your diet 

Find out how implement the healing powers of raw foods into your diet. You may already be a raw foodist, in which case you can learn about superherbs and superfoods to bring into your life. Or you may be vegan but have not yet made the leap into raw foods or don’t want to be a complete raw foodist, then you can learn how to optimise the best nature can give you by adding in! Chantal Di Donato, will teach you how to Live Lean and be super healthy with one simple tip: ADDING! 


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1:00 - Amanda Hamilton (Tribest) - 5 minutes a day to change your life

In this hugely informative session, Amanda will demonstrate how to live raw and real with DIY superfood juices, nutritious snacks and homemade dairy free milks that take minutes! The session will conclude with free samples and a 10 minute Q&A session.

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Russell James - Weekday Raw

Weekday Raw is all about getting more raw food into your life, without necessarily thinking of yourself as 'a raw foodist'.

Learn the basic skills, including flavour balancing, to be spontaneous without a recipe. Learn to build meals from easy plant-based tree nut cheeses, vegetable pasta and vegetable rice, plus a variety of sauces.

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2:00 - Deborah Durrant (Deliciously Raw) - Deliciously Raw Entertaining

Deborah Durrant is a chef in advanced raw and living vegan cuisine and a food writer for Great British Chefs. She will demonstrate how to create fabulous and beautifully presented raw vegan food which you can recreate at home and will guarantee to impress your family and friends.


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3:00 - Denisa Ratulea - 7 Steps to Heal and be Energised

Get ready for an exciting down to earth talk! Denisa will be sharing 7 steps for healing and building food habits without being overwhelmed. A well balanced lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated, but most of us aren't sure what we should be eating to be healthy. You'll uncover plenty of simple truths about what it means to be balanced and healthy in this talk along with tips and live food demonstrations. Denisa's main aim is to give you simple practical advice that you can incorporate in to your health journey. Whatever stage you are at building better food habits will give you a solid foundation for better health and abundant energy.


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Ellie Bedford - Easy Raw Food Recipes For Busy Families!

Are you keen to include more fresh foods, fruits and veggies into your family's diet but don't know where to start? In this demo, Ellie Bedford, Author of 'How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids' and 'The Superdrink Handbook for Kids' will show you how to create delicious raw foods that take just minutes to prepare; perfect for busy families!



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