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Power can only be booked at stalls shaded in yellow

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Level 1


Stall Saturday Sunday
CAT1 Happy Maki Happy Maki
CAT2 Brownins Bakery Brownins Bakery
CAT3 Loving Hut Loving Hut
CAT4 Pitfield Brewery Pitfield Brewery
CAT5 Preneur  Preneur
CAT6 Dosa Deli Dosa Deli
CAT7 St Best Carribean St Best Carribean
CAT8 Bangwok Bangwok
CAT9 Global Fusion Global Fusion
CAT10 Damage Limitation Damage Limitation
CAT11 Gillie Food Gillie Food
CAT 12 Venice Bakery Venice Bakery
CAT 13 World Food Cafe World Food Cafe
A1 Rupert's Street Rupert's Street
A2 Pana Chocolate Pana Chocolate
A4 Humane Society International UK Humane Society International UK
A5 Provamel Provamel
A6 Provamel Provamel
B1 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
B2 Heart In Health Heart In Health
B3 Greenpeace Greenpeace
B4 The Vegan Society The Vegna Society
B5 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
B6 Pulsin' Pulsin'
C1 Vegusto Vegusto
C2 The Nude Spoon The Nude Spoon
C3 Paradise Bakery Paradise Bakery
C4 Tropic Skin Care Tropic Skin Care
C5 Omni Superfood Omni Superfood
C6 The Beauty Shop Arbonne The Beauty Shop Arbonne
C7 Mr Nice Pie Animal Equality
C8 JTCV Omniblend JTCV Omniblend
C9 JTCV Omniblend JTCV Omniblend
C10 Vegusto Vegusto
C11 Jollyum Jollyum
C12 College of Naturopathic Medicine C N M
C13 The Really Healthy Co The Really Healthy Co
C14 Essential Vegan Essential Vegan
C15 Essential Vegan Essential Vegan
C16 Bute Island Foods Bute Island Foods
C17 Bute Island Foods Bute Island Foods
C18 Bute Island Foods Bute Island Foods
D1 Oomi-Foods Oomi-Foods
D2 Nectar Foods Nectar Foods
D3 Nectar Foods Nectar Foods
D4 KamAlive Chocolates KamAlive Chocolates
D5 Nosteagia Nosteagia
D6 Jason Jason
D7 The Mayhew Animal Home The Mayhew Animal Home
D8 Aquapax Water Aquapax Water
D9 Thai Animal Sanctuary Thai Animal Sanctuary
D10 Eat Moringa Eat Moringa
D11 Jason Jason
E1 Dee's Wholefoods Dee's Wholefoods
E2 Of The Earth Superfoods Of The Earth Superfoods
E3 Great Food UK Great Food UK
E4 Great Food UK Great Food UK
E5 Tyne Chease Tyne Chease
E6 NEEK Skin Organics NEEK Skin Organics
E7 Veganuary Veganuary
E8 Dee's Wholefoods Dee's Wholefoods
E9 Tea People Tea People
E10 Ankh Rah  Ankh Rah
E11 K-NO-w Silent screams K-NO-w Silent screams
E12 From Across the Oceans From Across the Oceans
E13 Supreme Master Ching Hai Supreme Master Ching Hai
E14 Moo Free Chocolates Moo Free Chocolates
E15 The Electric lemon The Electric lemon
F1 Fry's Fry's
F2 Orethic LLC Orethic LLC
F3 League Against Cruel Sports League Against Cruel Sports
F4 King Samosa King Samosa
G1 Marvellous Superfood Marvellous Superfood
G2 Cafe Virtuoso Cafe Virtuoso
G3 Hungry Dragons Hungry Dragons
G4 Revolution Vegan Overland Revolution Vegan Overland
G5 Wood Green Wood Green
G6 Wood Green Wood Green
G7 Population Matters Population Matters
G8 Marvellous Sicily Marvellous Sicily
The Sunny Spoon The Sunny Spoon
Eat Chic Eat Chic
Wood Green Wood Green
Wood Green Wood Green
Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
Eastern Venture Eastern Venture
Science Kitchen Science Kitchen
Planet Organic Planet Organic
H5 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
H6 Vegetarian Living Vegetarian Living
H7 Beech's Fine Chocolate Beech's Fine Chocolate
H8 Riso Scotti Riso Scotti
OptiBac Probiotics OptiBac Probiotics
Rubys of London Rubys of London
Adventures in Fruit Adventures in Fruit
London Vegan & Vegetarian School London Vegan & Vegetarian School
I5 Vegan Lifestyle Association Vegan Lifestyle Association
I6 Yaoh Yaoh
I7 Creative Nature Creative Nature
I8 Aduna Aduna
J1 Lifefood Lifefood
J2 Nakd Nakd
J3 Lifefood Lifefood
J4 G & G Vitamin Centre G & G Vitamin Centre
K1 Hempish Hempish
K2 Ms Cupcake Ms Cupcake
K3 Rebel Kitchen Rebel Kitchen
K4 Pudology Pudology
K5 Natural Crunch Natural Crunch
K6 Ombar Chocolate Ombar Chocolate
L1 Perkier Perkier
L2 The Tofurky Co The Tofurky Co
L3 Trina's Delicacies Trina's Delicacies
L4 Fentimans  Fentimans
L5 Follow your Heart Follow your Heart
L6 The Primal Pantry The Primal Pantry
M1 Tribest Tribest
M2 Bamboo Pillows Bamboo Pillows
M3 Vitalise Nutrition Vitalise Nutrition
M4 Amnesty UK Amnesty UK
M5 Udo's Choice Udo's Choice
M6 Udo's Choice Udo's Choice
M7 Nativo Amusay Nativo Amusay
M8 BodyMe BodyMe
N1 Plamil Foods Plamil Foods
N2 Wills Vegan Shoes Wills Vegan Shoes
N3 Hugletts Wood Hugletts Wood
N4 Hugletts Wood Hugletts Wood
N5 Plamil Foods Plamil Foods
N6 Living Naturally Living Naturally
N7 Woodland Trust Woodland Trust
N8 Vegetarian Guides Vegetarian Guides
O1 Inspiral Visionary Products Inspiral Visionary Products
O2 Coco Loco Coco Loco
O3 TeenVGN TeenVGN
O4 Love Libby X Love Libby X
O5 Mani Blaeuel UK Mani Blaeuel UK
O6 Veganicity Veganicity
O7 Inspiral Visionary Products Inspiral Visionary Products
O8 Wild Futures Wild Futures
O9 Quinola Mothergrain Quinola Mothergrain
O10 Conscious Chocolate Conscious Chocolate
O11 Conscious Chocolate Conscious Chocolate
O12 Vegan Tuck Box Vegan Tuck Box
P3 OrganiCulture OrganiCulture
P4 Mona UK Mona UK
P5 Animal Aid Animal Aid
P6 Animal Aid Animal Aid
P7 Ananda Foods Ananda Foods
P10 Hillside Animal Sanctuary Hillside Animal Sanctuary
P11 Soi Dog Foundation Soi Dog Foundation
P12 Ippuku Tea Ippuku Tea
P13 Essy & Bella Chocolates Essy & Bella Chocolates
P14 TheVeganKind TheVeganKind
Q1 Cats Protection Cats Protection
Q2 t plus t plus
Q3 Vegetarian Caviar Club Vegetarian Caviar Club
Q4 Hillfarm Oils Hillfarm Oils
Q5 Sinless Desserts Nat Org Working Against Live Exports
Q6 B U A V B U A V
Q7 Harpers Bizarre Harpers Bizarre
Q8 Dr Hadwens Trust Bod's Natural Products
Q9 Snowdrop Pro  Snowdrop Pro
Q10 Gourmet Spirulina Gourmet Spirulina
Q11 Lakeside Ethical Treats Lakeside Ethical Treats
Q12 New Internationalist New Internationalist
S1 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
S2 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
S4 Cocoface Cocoface
T1 Viva! Viva!
T2 Viva! Viva!

T4 Bohemian Chic Minerals Bohemian Chic Minerals
T5 Hope for Horses Hope for Horses
T6 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation
T8 Gemini Gemini
T9 Windmill Organics Windmill Organics
T10 Windmill Organics Windmill Organics
U1 Vegan Life Magazine Vegan Life Magazine
U2 Hunt Saboteurs Hunt Saboteurs
U3 G3 Direct G3 Direct
U4 Picaflor Picaflor
V1 Equinox Equinox
V2 Green Olives Green Olives
V3 Boho Hemp Boho Hemp
V4 Chiaralascura Chiaralascura
W2 doTerra UK doTerra UK
W3 Forever Living Forever Living
W4 Touch and Such Touch and Such
W5 Nutural World Nutural World

W8 G3 Direct G3 Direct
W9 G3 Direct G3 Direct
W10 Vegan Hippo Vegan Hippo
W11 Sweet Revolution Sweet Revolution
W12 Pure Natural Fresh Pure Natural Fresh
X2 Great Ormond Street Hospital Great Ormond Street Hospital
X3 Jools Drinks Jools Dronks
X6 LifeWellSuperfoods LifeWellSuperfoods

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Stall Saturday Sunday
HC1 Agnes Electra - The Transformers Agnes Electra - The Transformers

HC5 Free Gift Stall Free Gift Stall
HC6 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
HC7 Hemp Works Charity Hemp Works Charity
HC8 Patrik Baboumian Patrik Baboumian
HC9 Super Healthy Children Super Healthy Children
HC11 Foods for Life Foods for Life
HC12 Vegfund Vegfund
KA1 Ethicoco Ethicoco
KA2 Greenlife Underwear Greenlife Underwear
KA3 Greenlife Underwear Greenlife Underwear
KA4 Moo Free Chocolates Moo Free Chocolates
KA5 Vegan Organic Network Vegan Organic Network
KA6 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven
KA7 Hummingbirds Hummingbirds
KA8 Hummingbirds Hummingbirds
Swiis Foster Care
KA10 Animal Justice Project Animal Justice Project
KA11 Vegan Sweet Tooth London vegan Sweet Tooth London
KA12 Vegan Bodybuilding Vegan Bodybuilding
KA13 Heavenly Organics Skin Care Heavenly Organics Skin Care
KA14 Greens for Animal Protection Greens for Animal Protection
KA15 Greenfrog Soap Co Greenfrog Soap Co
KA16 Northern Vegan Festivals Northern Vegan Festivals
VA1 Newcastle Vegan Festival Newcastle Vegan Festival
VA2 London Vegan Actions London Vegan Actions
VA3 Vegorium - Vegan T shirts Vegorium - Vegan T shirts
VA4 Vegan Sidekick Vegan Sidekick
VA5 Vegan Business Media Vegan Business Media
VA6 Friends Gazette Friends Gazette
VA7 Kabaret @ Karamel Kabaret @ Karamel
VA8 Fat Gay Vegan Fat Gay Vegan
VA9 Young Indian Vegetarians Young Indian Vegetarians
VA10 Michael Green display Michael Green display
VA11 Animal Rights Zine & Info Display Animal Rights Zine & Info Display
VA12 Book Signings Book Signings
VA13 Animal Aid display Animal Aid display
VA14 Viva! display Viva! display

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