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Vegan Smythe

Vegan Smythe


Appearing  on Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 5pm in the Performance Stage, and on Sunday at 2pm for the stars quiz

Vegan Smythe writes and performs Earthling-friendly music and comedy to energise the vegan message. His YouTube videos have had nearly 200,000 views and he's been described by online fans as “hilarious.. brilliant.. quirky.. and 'a crucial soundtrack to life on Earth!’” His music has been featured on blogs, podcasts and radio programs worldwide.

Although quite new to the microscopic world of animal advocacy entertainment, Smythe has been a full-time professional entertainer since 1998.

Vegan Smythe's “Preachy Vegan Song” was shortlisted in the Australian Songwriting Contest 2012 and his anthemic “I Will Be Their Voice” has brought praise from high profile animal activists including World Peace Diet author Dr Will Tuttle. He was interviewed as part of VegWorld Magazine’s 2013 Vegan Palooza, on which his music was highly featured. Vegan Smythe is one of thirty-eight men featured in the Amazon hot-selling book “Plant Powered Men” and he was awarded “Vegan Entertainer of the Year” by

Smythe explains his signature teardrop tattoo as follows: “I wear the tattoo because I'm a killer and I'm sad about it. I killed hundreds if not thousands of non-human Earthlings before I went vegan. OK, I admit I didn't kill them myself. I had a hitman do it for me.”

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