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Tim Barford

Tim Barford

Organiser of VegfestUK shows, and founder of Yaoh


Appearing both days, including a joint hemp smoothie demo with Neil Robinson on Sunday at 4pm in the Living Raw Zone 


Tim has been vegan for 30 years, and is a big fan of hemp foods. He founded the UK's 1st hemp company Yaoh back in 2002. Through managing Yaoh and doing hemp smoothie demos at vegan events across the country, has been advocating the benefits of hemp for years.

A boyhood fan of Everton FC, Tim has performed highly engaging smoothie demos with ex-Everton player Neil Robinson (who's the world's first vegan top-flight footballer) at various vegan shows, including VegfestUK Bristol and London 2013. If you'd like to know more about hemp, don't miss his hemp smoothie demo on Saturday at 5pm!

Meanwhile, Tim has also been organising vegan events in the UK for a decade now. His first show was back in 2003 (The Bristol Vegan Fayre, which he founded), attracting around 1500 visitors. Ever since 2011, Tim has been organising VegfestUK Brighton in March, VegfestUK Bristol in May, and VegfestUK London in October, whilst running Yaoh. These shows have inspired countless amount of people to change their diets and choose more plant-based food options. Tim has appeared on numerous radio interviews, both promoting VegfestUK shows and the advantages of a plant-strong diet to the UK public.

Check out this extended interview which he did with Be Vegan Make Peace in August 2013 -

Tim & his team were honoured by the Vegan Society in their 2011 awards, where he has won the 'Best Vegan Achievement' award, for an outstanding contribution to veganism. Most recently, in May 2013, Tim was awarded the highly prestigious Lloyds TSB People and Environment Achievement Business Awards, in the 'Work in the Community' category. See below for a list of events that Tim and his team have organised, and further details on his awards. Tim was also nominated for "Best Individual Achievement of the Decade" at the 2013 VegfestUK awards.

Tim is available for further comment and interview. Email

Click here for Tim's achievements over the years, including a list of events he's organised as well as awards he's picked up.


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