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Talks - Lifestyle

TALKS - Lifestyle

On the First Floor, with some really cool plant-eaters shedding light on plant-based lifestyles

Sponsored by Bute Island Foods

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12.00        Neil Robinson - Plant Exclusive Health & Fitness

1.00          Brendan Brazier - Stress Reduction through Plant-Based Whole Foods

2.00          Victoria Moran - Main Street Vegan: Eating Green, Living Green, and Loving Life in the Real World

3.00          Patrik Baboumian - Plants are green

4.00          John Robb - Vegan or Vague-n you Decide - the Politics of Compassion

5.00          Alex Bourke - Eating out Vegan in London and Paris

6.00  Corrina Gordon-Barnes - How to find Clients for your Vegan Business



12.00        Jasmijn de Boo & Dr Samantha Calvert - "Ripened by human determination": Seventy years of The Vegan Society, an illustrated talk      

1.00          Mimi Kirk - Raw and Timeless Beauty from the Inside Out

2.00          Fiona Oakes - Running for the Animals

3.00          Christine Vardaros - A Vegan Diet for Active Lives  

4.00          Amanda Woodvine - Getting the Balance Right: Nutrition for older Vegetarians and Vegans

5.00          Steve Danks - Cannabis Cures, Fact or Fiction         




12.00 - Neil Robinson - Plant Exclusive Health & Fitness

Neil Robinson, the first vegan professional footballer, along with his brother John (BA Hons Sports Studies and BA Hons Food, Nutrition & Health) will be talking about a vegan plant -exclusive lifestyle which can be augmented by an aerobic fitness & high-rep weight training conditioning programme for the benefit of everyone - but with an emphasis on the over 50′s.

If you love life, then give yourself the best possible chance of dying young as late in life as possible!

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1.00 - Brendan Brazier - Stress Reduction through Plant-Based Whole Foods

(based on Brendan's national bestseller, The Thrive Diet, Penguin, 2007)

Europeans and North Americans are chronically over stressed and as a result are experiencing poor-quality sleep, general fatigue, and are developing sickness and disease in record numbers. While it is common practice to merely treat the symptoms, learn how to address the underlining cause and significantly reduce overall stress, without a loss in productivity.

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2.00 - Victoria Moran - Main Street Vegan: Eating Green, Living Green, and Loving Life in the Real World

There’s a formula for getting the glow, making peace with food and weight, and living long without growing old. It’s a matter of nourishing your body with fresh, colorful plant foods, loving yourself, honoring other beings, and detoxing your body and mind. So, how do we do it? By going V-E-G-A-N! In this content-rich and entertaining presentation from Main Street Vegan author Victoria Moran, learn to take the plunge in a way that’s possible, practical, and exciting – and then go out and change in the world.

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3.00 - Patrik Baboumian - Plants are green

In this talk I will try to illustrate why I think that a plant based lifestyle is one important building block on our way to design a better future for us as individuals, the society, our species and the whole planet. I will use scientific facts and personal experience to depict this world-view.

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4.00 - John Robb - Vgean or Vague-n you Decide - the Politics of Compassion

Veganism is on the edge of the mainstream. How can we help get it there? Fresh back from a grip to New York, John Robb sees the movement in fast forward.

Twitter @johnrobb77

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5.00 - Alex Bourke - Eating out Vegan in London and Paris

The new Vegetarian Paris guidebook is 224 pages with several new vegan restaurants, social groups with hundreds of members, vegan festivals attracting thousands of visitors, and even two vegan shops.  Meanwhile London continues to be the best place in Europe to be a vegan, with over 20 vegan restaurants, cafes and market stalls.  London resident Alex Bourke, founder of Vegetarian Guides, previously resident in Paris and bilingual in French, knows both cities inside out. He presents a slideshow of the best places to eat, sleep and shop vegan in Paris and London.

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6.00 - Corrina Gordon-Barnes - How to find clients for your vegan business

Youʼre vegan and you want to be self-employed. You want to help others. Whether itʼs through coaching, personal training, offering bodywork, teaching raw chocolate classes, doing copy-editing for recipe books, teaching nutrition, or running workshops or retreats, you want to make the biggest contribution you can make and share your passion with others.

The business side, however, feels somewhat daunting. When it comes to actually getting clients, youʼre not sure where to start. You want to work smart and use your time wisely. This is your calling and you really want it to be successful so you can stop doing other work which doesnʼt feed your soul - so you want to figure out how this can pay the bills.

At the same time, you certainly donʼt want to turn into a sleazy marketing machine. Is there a way of doing business that feels authentic and congruent with your values?

There is - and in Corrina's talk, youʼll discover a step-by-step process that has helped new (and experienced) practitioners to build a thriving, profitable business. Youʼll feel inspired by this heart-centred approach to marketing, that allows you to help lots of people enjoy the benefits of what you do, whilst also allowing you to earn a healthy living doing what you love.

In this talk, youʼll discover:

- How to make money as a self-employed vegan
- How to fill your classes, workshops and client roster
- How to set your prices and attract clients who love to pay

This talk is perfect for you if you want to learn an enjoyable, effective approach tomarketing and get your business off to a flying start.

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12.00 - Dr Samantha Calvert & Jasmijn de Boo - "Ripened by human determination": Seventy years of The Vegan Society, an illustrated talk"Can time ever be ripe for any reform unless it is ripened by human determination?" Donald Watson, Vegan Society founder, 1944.

To mark The Vegan Society's 70th anniversary in November this year, Researcher in Residence Sam Calvert will be discussing how the Society has grown from just 25 members at its founding in November 1944 into an international movement today. The Vegan Society's CEO, Jasmijn de Boo, will bring the story up to date by describing the Society's current work and its plans for the future.

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1.00 - Mimi Kirk - Raw and Timeless Beauty from the Inside Out

Most everyone would like to live a long life as long as they were healthy and had their independence. Learn how to stretch out the middle years and keep vital and energetic as we age. Just because we age it doesn’t mean we have to get old.
We are led to believe that every illness or disease we may get over fifty is age-related. Can we regenerate our body at any age? What can we do to stay healthy and look and feel younger than our years? How can we reverse the damage we might have already done to our bodies? Are we doomed because our family genes are not good?
All these questions and more will be answered at Mimi's talk. Mimi can’t wait to share her experiences with you, and at the age of 76 she has lots of information to share that might extend your life and regenerate your health.

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2.00 - Fiona Oakes - Running for the Animals

Fiona will be talking about her world record challenge and her recent adventures in the Sahara Desert where she completed the marathon des sables for the 2nd time. Looking forward Fiona has a place on the elite start of the Great North Run and will be off to Nepal in November to run up Everest. Then in February her biggest challenge yet – the Triple 7 Quest! – Yes, you heard it hear first – SEVEN marathons on SEVEN Continents in just SEVEN days.  This will be huge publicity for the cause.

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3.00 - Christine Vardaros - A Vegan Diet for Active Lives  

Hear all about Vardaros’ sporting adventures on a vegan diet. She will share with you all that she has discovered so you too can easily get the most out of your body.  She’ll also spend some time on dispelling the myths surrounding a plant-based diet as well as arm you with a few tricks of the trade so you are better prepared for your own personal athletic adventures.

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4.00 - Amanda Woodvine - Getting the Balance Right: Nutrition for older Vegetarians and Vegans

According to a national survey, older people living in institutions often lack certain vitamins and minerals. Worryingly, nutrient deficiencies affect around four in ten older adults, which can lead to a vicious cycle of infection. Public health nutritionist Amanda Woodvine explains which nutrients to take special care over in and out of a care setting, easy ways to get them, and will be on hand to answer any questions specific to catering for older vegetarians or vegans.

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5.00 - Steve Danks - Cannabis Cures, Fact or Fiction  

Is Cannabis a Medicine?  If so, how and why does it work?
If Cannabis is a Medicine, why is it illegal? 
Is it illegal to heal ourselves when Modern Medicine cannot offer Us a Cure for some Terminal Diseases or Disabling Ailments? 

Steve Danks introduces an Educational talk covering the latest topics about Medicinal Cannabis, from plant to medicine! He'll talk about the science on why Cannabis works as a medicine for humans and most vertebrates on this planet through our indigenous cell regulatory system, the similarities between Cannabis and a Mothers Breast Milk and how we can heal ourselves within 3-6 Months! He'll be answering all your questions on this strangely Taboo subject, as a Terminal Cancer survivor himself, he understands just how important this is.

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