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Media Coverage

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Media Coverage

This is a small selection of some of the media and press coverage for VegfestUK London.

Big thanks to all our contributors!

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January 2015

Mrs Veg


November 2014

Family Travel Times




Health Food Business


The Laughing Medusa

Forked Tongues Blog

Dr LJ's Natural Wellness Academy

The Veggie Blogger

Part I -

Part II -

Part III -


September 2014


Hasta La Vegan

Vegan in Brighton

Mrs Veg

PS It's Vegan

Great Vegan Expectations (Part I)


Vegan Bodybuilding


Powr Plant Nutrition & Fitness

Monsoon of Random

Gluten Free Gorging

Japan Journal

Natural Products News

Ultra Vie

Netmums Kensington

London Evening Standard

All About Vegan Food interviews

My Green Directory



Plant Based Pixie

French Radio London

Etihad Airways inflight magazine

Kensington Magazine


Love It Magazine


Natural Lifestyle Magazine


Random Nations

London Visitors (Sept 2014 issue)


Your Healthy Living


London Calling



August 2014

Vegetarian Living



Vegan Life Magazine


Get Fresh! Magazine


Think Hotels

Friends Gazette


Total Sports Nutrition



Vegan Worldwide News

Just Because I Love

The Girl who could see stories

My Green Directory

Raw Londoner

Food Stuff Finds

Planet Veggie

Orzo Coffee

Rosemary and Pork Belly

Planet Veggie

OK! Magazine


Simply Sensational Food

Raw Londoner

Health & Fitness Magazine


Bodyfit Magazine



Total Sports Nutrition


Your Healthy Living Magazine


Olive Magazine

Compassionate Dorset

A Nose for Food

All about Vegan Food

Monsoon of Random

Citrus Spice UK

The Food Connoisseur


July 2014

Cook Vegetarian Magazine



Oh Hello Mango

All about Vegan Food

We don't Eat anything with a Face


Vegan in Brighton

Rambling through Parenthood

Lisa Cherry Beaumont


Rasta Ites

All About Vegan Food - special interview with Vegan Smythe


Elegantly Vegan!~214


June 2014

Food Festival Finder

My Green Directory

Natural Lifestyle Magazine



MACS London

Visit London

All in London

WJ London

Primary Times West London


May 2014

Random Notions

Fed up and Drunk


April 2014

Health Food Business Magazine


GSM London

North West Vegan Festival

Explore Raw

Total Sports Nutrition Magazine


The Best of Liverpool (in the Liverpool Echo)


March 2014

Yummy Plants

Inspired Times Magazine

My Green Directory


Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine


February 2014

My Green Directory

Sports Direct


January 2014

Croydon Radio



December 2013

The Food Connoiseur

Get Fresh! magazine (with quotes from the raw living foods expert quartet of Saskia Fraser, Karen Ranzi, Christine Bailey and Jill Swyers)

Saskia Fraser: "I had a great time at Vegfest London this year. I did a raw food demo to a packed room, visited delicious raw food stalls and listened to some really inspiring speakers. I got to meet my fellow Get Fresh! writer, the lovely Karen Ranzi, who was over from America. I love how Vegfest mixes up information and fun to give us a brilliant weekend of inspiration and entertainment. I'm looking forward to next year already!"

Karen Ranzi: "It was such an honour to speak at the first-ever London Vegfest on 5 and 6 October 2013. And I must say I was very excited to speak about 'nourishing our families' at the Raw Living Zone, a special area designated to raw food speakers and raw food preparation. The organisers did a fantastic job of bringing together the vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan communities. I promoted Get Fresh! magazine at all my talks!"

Christine Bailey: "I regularly run cookery demonstrations at shows and events and Vegfest was a real treat for me. It was wonderful to meet readers of my books and to share some delicious healthy raw dishes. The cookery demo was packed out and my treats quickly disappeared with great enthusiasm."

Jill Swyers: "For me it is such a rewarding experience to be able to participate in Vegfest as often as possible. To be able to speak on Living Foods Whole Plant-Based Nutrition, and interact closely with the public. To help guide everyone including Vegans and Vegetarians to add to their Present Food Lifestyle, and also to get my special message through, that "It is about Adding One Step at a Time!'"



November 2013

Wild Fire Magazine

Sir Paul McCartney


show reviews

The All Animal Vegan

Total Sports Nutrition Magazine

The Alt Entertainer

Life and Chai

Event Hire Blog

Press TV

Goodness Direct

The Food for Consciousness

The Flexitarian


Sugar Puffish

TeenVGN Blog

Mad Hatter's Pantry

Wild Futures

VeggieVision TV (stars quiz)

VeggieVision TV

Vegan Bodybuilding

Food for Thought Magazine

PJ Magazine


Imogen Michel

Let the Sunshine in


Eat out with Food Allergies

Vegan Runners


Mad Hatter's Pantry

Vegan Shibby

Oxford Brookes Vegan and Vegetarian Society


Great Vegan Expectations

Meat Free Everyday

Super Healthy Children

The Vegan Word

A Mummy Too

Lucy the Vegan


Food for Thought London



Midori Green UK

Kids Eat Plants

Vegan Vox Blog

Coffee and Heels

Paper Bag Blog

Charlie Bit My Tofu

Advice for Vegans


october 2013



A Mummy Too


Croydon Radio

Reggae Chapter


Run Riot

Know London

Jewish Vegetarian Society

Ultra Running World

Inspired Times Magazine

Woman's World


Veggie Focus

Be Vegan Make Peace


Veggie Meadow

My Green Directory

Animal Welfare Party

View London

She Dreams in Green Blog

Coffee and Heels

UCLU Vegetarian Society

Fran Costigan


Explore Raw

Kindred Spirit Magazine


Paper Bag Blog

Pratical Baby Products

Evening Times


Yoga Magazine

Better Raw

A Vegan Obsession

The Green Familia

Candis Magazine

Red Rose Mummy

Fun as a Gran

The Fresh Network

Katie and the Kids

Nutritional Empire


This Little Lady

Fine Foodies

By Nature

The Flexitarian

Attachment Mummy

Beatroot and Beluga

University College London Union

The Fresh Network

Holistic Health for Life

Hot UK Deals

All about Vegan Food

Food Instinct

The Natural Skincare Company

Home Baked Online

Jewish Vegetarian Society

Yours Magazine

Vegan in Brighton

The London Magazine

Gulf Times

The Times of India


The Daily Mail

And More Food


Daily Star

Be Vegan Make Peace

Rush PR News

Save the Harlan Beagles Campaign

The Food Connoisseur

PR Inside

Vegetarian Bodybuilder

Vegetarian Living Magazine


Inspired Times

Stall Monkey

The Vegan List



Where Can We Go?

London Vegan and Vegetarian Societies


Janey Lee Grace

Famous Vegans Blog

Source Wire

Live PR

Of Course Vegan

National Vegetarian Week

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