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Living Raw Zone

living raw zone

On the First Floor, with some dedicated raw experts showcasing the best of a raw vegan diet

Sponsored by rawLicious

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12.00            Stephanie JeffsJuicing for Health, Wellness and Vibrant Living

1.00              Kate Magic - The Raw Magic Philosophy

2.00              Saskia Fraser - Warm and Comforting Raw Food for Winter

3.00              Pat Reeves - Living Foods and Raw Power

4.00              Karen Ranzi - Eating Healthy with Raw Vegan Recipes

5.00              Gina Shaw - Is a high-fruit diet bad for your health?

6.00              Aradhana KaurMood Foods - nourish your moods with raw foods





12.00            Jessica Laura - Is raw, vegan skincare “ANTI-AGEING”?

1.00              Deborah Durrant - Deliciously Raw: Entertaining

2.00              Graham Jevon - Lightforce Food

3.00              Natalie Heath - Raw Food Made Sexy!

4.00              Tim Barford (Yaoh) - Hemp Smoothie Demo

5.00              Fab Giovanetti & Denisa RatuleaWe are in this together : the evolution of the raw food community



12.00 - Stephanie Jeffs - Juicing for Health, Wellness and Vibrant Living

Juicing is without a doubt THE health food trend of 2014 – but is it just a fad?

If you are interested in juicing then this talk is a must. Stephanie shares the intimate details of her juicy journey from unhealthy vegetarian to high raw high plant-based living. Stephanie lost 9 stones and cured herself from chronic disease (PCOS), making changes by starting with a juice detox. Not only is Stephanie’s story truly inspiring and engaging, she shares all her hints and tips for getting started with juicing and getting it right, how to avoid the pitfalls of yo-yo juicing, how to use juicing as a stepping stone towards more spiritual living and eating and how to incorporate juicing into everyday living. 

Stephanie contributed to the amazing movie “Super Juice Me”, runs life-changing retreats in Portugal and is the author of five ebooks on juicing & raw foods and is the founder of EXPLORE RAW COOKERY SCHOOL. Stephanie is a brand ambassador for Tribest juicers and Sage Appliances and will give us a short juicing demonstration with tasty samples. 

Not to be missed.

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1.00 - Kate Magic - the Raw Magic Philosophy

In this talk, Kate will be cramming in as much as she can of the Raw Magic philosophy. What are the best raw foods to include and which are the best to avoid. How to transition easily and achieve your goals effortlessly, without stress and yo-yo-ing. Some of the common bad habits people slip into and ways to avoid them. How to avoid deficiencies on a raw diet.

And then, what happens when we start getting it right. The natural highs that come from eating the best foods on the planet. The transformations that start to occur in our lives. And why these personal changes are so important to the wider culture and our global environment.

This is cutting edge nutritional teaching, combined with empowering inspiration and wisdom - for your mind, your heart and your body, it's all in Raw Magic.

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2.00 - Saskia Fraser - Warm and Comforting Raw Food for Winter

Lots of people struggle with the idea of eating Raw Food in winter, when it’s cold and rainy outside, and, at the same time, wish they could be healthy and full of energy and positivity through the winter months. In this fun demonstration, Raw Food Mentor and Life Coach Saskia Fraser shows you how it's deliciously possible to eat more raw food in the winter, inspiring you to be brilliantly well through the coming months. Saskia will also be dispelling myths about ‘cold’ raw food by sharing 6 easy ways to heat raw food without destroying its goodness.

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3.00 - Pat Reeves - Living Foods and Raw Power

This will be an interactive time with my audience, where I can explore with you what I consider to be a most empowering nutritional practice to overcome health challenges, both emotional and physical, heal injuries faster, is anti-aging, provides abundant energy – and is extremely cost-effective!

Raw and living foods offer high amounts of nutrients which are vitalising, energising, enhancing oxygen and vibrancy, enabling one to become more intuitive and knowledgeable in accessing our inner healing system.'

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4.00 - Karen Ranzi - Eating Healthy with Raw Vegan Recipes

Do you feel like you know there’s a better way to live and eat, but you just don’t have the tools to make it happen for yourself and your family? It’s time to clean the blood, rejuvenate the body and clear your mind!

Eating foods raw vegan is the best way for maximum nutrient density. Now is the time to become proactive about your health by learning simple tips on how to make better choices and prepare easy and nutritious meals. Karen Ranzi M.A., award-winning author and speaker on Raw Foods, raw food coach and chef, and motivational speaker, will prepare a delicious Pina Colada Green Smoothie for you to enjoy and send you her ebook Fun Raw Food Finger Foods. You will learn the importance of obtaining the best possible nourishment for yourself and your family.

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5.00 - Gina Shaw - Is a high-fruit diet bad for your health?

Gina has been on a high-fruit diet for over 16 years and in that time there has been a lot of talk about fruit causing all kinds of diseases and ill-health.  In this talk Gina discusses her experiences and that of her client's of eating a high-fruit diet in England and the benefits and issues that her and her clients have faced and then concludes about the benefits and disadvantages of a fruit-based diet here in England.

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6.00 - Aradhana Kaur - Mood Foods - nourish your moods with raw foods

The raw food lifestyle supports us in becoming more calm, easy going and connected. But life still happens and there are times when food is very appealing as a comfort to smooth the waves of emotion that arise. Raw food chef and teacher Aradhana Kaur will introduce ways to use your raw food resources when you're looking for comfort food or eating to procrastinate. So instead of reaching for the old favourites of bread, cakes or biscuits, switch to new raw food recipes and strategies that will uplift and nourish you and get you back on the path of purpose and self-love. Aradhana will demo recipes with superfoods including a Soothing Comfort Smoothie and Procrastination Mash. Come, taste, be nourished.

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12.00 - Jessica Laura - Is raw, vegan skincare “ANTI-AGEING”?

Jessica will be answering and commenting on one of the hottest topics in the beauty industry, during her seminar at VegFest this year.

“Anti-Ageing” is a concept that is frequently banded about in relation to skin care and beauty products... But are raw and organic skin care products actually going to make you look any younger?? That’s the question on everyone’s lips.

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1.00 - Deborah Durrant - Deliciously Raw: Entertaining

Join Deborah Durrant from Deliciously Raw and learn to make amazingly elegant and decadent raw food for entertaining. Back from spending a few months with Matthew Kenney in California, her courses were shortlisted for the Best Short Cookery Course in the UK and Ireland by the Looking to Cook Cookery School Awards. Deborah will show you how to make fabulously elegant raw food to wow your friends and family in a little under an hour.

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2.00 - Graham Jevon - Lightforce Food

In this presentation you will learn the value of medicinal foods and the difference between Raw food, Living food and Lightforce food. Transform your mind and body with the most Exquisite delights of the plant kingdom. Learn what is really sustainable and attain an in depth understanding of the body and its infinite wisdom. Unlock the secrets of immortality and immerse yourself in the supreme teachings of nature with the UK’s most respected Nutritionist, Physiologist, Biologist, Naturalist and Lightforce food pioneer.  Graham “Theobroma” Jevon.

Reverse aging, Look Younger, Feel Better, Activate your hormones & learn how to truly detoxify the mind, body and emotions. Experience Lightforce food!

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3.00 - Natalie Heath - Raw Food Made Sexy!

Join Natalie Heath as she reveals the secret to super tantalizing raw foodcreation. Natalie will show you that you don’t need to be consuming boring salads and green juices every day to up your nutritional intake and boost your energy levels. Adding more raw unprocessed plant food into your diet benefits the body in so many ways. Natalie will demonstrate how raw food can be luxurious, fun to make and eat, and provide a sumptuous, sensual and sensory experience. So get ready for some mouth-watering recipes that will make you look sexy and glow with vitality.

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4.00 - Tim Barford (Yaoh) - Hemp Smoothie Demo

Join show director and Yaoh manager Tim Barford who has been vegan for 30 years and is a big fan of hemp and smoothies. He'll put the two together into a lively and humorous demo which involves some fantastic smoothie tasting, including their favourite smoothie recipes. This demo is informative and easily accessible, and includes vegan sources of protein and essential fatty acids.

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5.00 - Fab Giovanetti & Denisa Ratulea - We are in this together : the evolution of the raw food community

Denisa and Fab will focus on the importance of collaboration in the raw food community and the importance it has on the final result of people receiving value as being the back bone of ones success. With or without titanium implants in your spine. Fab will be sharing the top three business practises that raw food experts have been using to gather a raw-some tribe. As a prime example of collaboration and knowledge, Denisa will take you through the most important steps of dealing with physical pain as well as the most important changes you can make today to prevent or improve back pain and inflammation.

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