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Dr Evelien van Amerongen

Dr. Evelien van Amerongen

Holistic medicine and detox expert

Dr. Evelien has over 25 years experience in the multidisciplinary holistic health sector.   Dr. Evelien qualified as a dentist in 1988 and she has been a biological dentist since graduating.  She managed her own integrative dental clinic in the UK for 13years and now she is the director of an holistic health centre in the West of Ireland specializing in offering mercury free dentistry, supervised detoxification services and optimal health programs.  She has clients who travel from all over Ireland, the UK, Europe and even from as far away as Australia and New Zealand for her full holistic health diagnostic programs and wellness protocols for the alternative prevention and treatment of modern day 21st century diseases, including chronic, degenerative and stress-related illnesses. 

During her own studies as a dentist Dr. Evelien suffered severe mercury toxicity. Her blood count was low, she felt exhausted and her adrenal function was failing. She was treated successfully with intravenous chelation, fatty acid transcription and nutritional therapy. She realized in order to understand the mercury issue she would need to search outside the dental curriculum for a cohesive, integrated approach to deal with heavy metal toxicity.

Since then, in addition to her continuing professional education as a dentist, Dr. Evelien has also taken hundreds of hours of postgraduate training in order to learn the proper techniques and science of the 5 level approach to healing the physical body.  Following her training in Autonomic Response Testing with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt she has been utilizing his advanced, holistic mercury detoxification protocols in her work. She also furthered her education in Touch for Health, Nutrition, SuJok Acupuncture, Mental Freedom Technique and Psychological Kinesiology in order to understand the diminished elimination capacity of patients suffering degenerative disease.  In addition she has developed her own system of Soundcurrent based essences in aid of the detoxification and recovery process for her patients.

Dr. Evelien is an expert in holistic medicine which offers a 365 degree, full person approach to detoxification on all levels of the body – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  At her centre, she and her team of specialists offer safe supervised consultation and detoxification procedures for the release of toxicity – including heavy metal toxicity, environmental, electromagnetic, geopathic, chemical, psycho-emotional, bugs, parasites, bacteria and viruses. She is passionate about educating people on the importance of following supervised detoxification procedures which take into account each person’s bodies unique capacity to eliminate toxins safely and effectively while re-establishing the right environment internally on all levels of the body to promote the optimal functioning of the person’s innate inner doctor.

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