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Cookery Demos

Cookery demos

On the First Floor, with some ingenious chefs demonstrating their delightful creations to light up your plant based diets

Sponsored by Vegusto UK


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12.00        Nishma Shah (Shambhu's) - Indian Sweet Treats

1.00          Vanessa Almeida (Essential Vegan) - Chocolate Cheesecake

2.00          Christine Bailey - Supercharge with Raw and Vegan Delights

3.00          Froothie (the Vegan Society) - Delicious Vegan Desserts and Soups in no Time

4.00          Stephanie Jeffs - Raw Chinese Take-Away

5.00          Dr LindaJoy Rose - Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis 

6.00         Aine Carlin - Keep it Vegan          



12.00        Jane Easton (Viva!) - Recipes from the Viva! Cookbook

1.00          Amanda Hamilton - Juice and blend your way to health!

2.00          Pasquale Amico (Amico Bio) - Aubergines with basil, rice milk mozzarella, tomatoes and crispy rocket

3.00          Toni Fiore - Deliciously Easy Protein

4.00          Stephen Ward - Last Days of the Raj    

5.00         Tony Bishop-Weston - Dairy Free Cheese Cheats



12.00 - Nishma Shah (Shambhu's) - Indian Sweet Treats

Nishma Shah is the vegan chef behind Shambhu's, the London-based family run vegan catering company, nominated for a VegfestUK 2014 Award. You can vote for Shambhu's by clicking this link.

They are also creators of a popular range of vegan & gluten-free cheesecakes, which are available in independent and online stores nationwide:

One secret of Shambhu's success is how Nishma draws inspiration from culinary styles from around the world.

At this year's London Vegfest, Nishma will demonstrate how to make vegan versions of traditional festive Indian sweet treats.

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1.00 - Vanessa Almeida (Essential Vegan) - Chocolate Cheesecake

Vanessa Almeida will teach you how to make an easy, rich and heavenly good Chocolate Cheesecake. Using tofu as a main ingredient she will teach you how this ingredient can be versatile, delicious and healthy. This sophisticated dessert will impress your family and friends.

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2.00 - Christine Bailey - Supercharge with Raw and Vegan Delights

Want to energise your body naturallyand enjoy delicious, mouth-watering food? Superfood Expert, TV Nutritionist and Chef Christine Bailey will show you how to optimise your health with nourishing ingredients and recipes. Take your health to the next level and sample Christine’s amazing creations. Whether you are looking for some healthy salads, performance boosting snacks or a healthy indulgent dessert this is the cookery demonstration not to miss! You will come away inspired with a range of fabulous recipes and nutritional tips to give your health a boost. Christine will also have a range of raw and superfood products to sample from Rawlicious and Vega.

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3.00 - Froothie (the Vegan Society) - Delicious Vegan Desserts and Soups in no time

Froothie’s adventure started with a small Australian company promoting and supplying healthy fruits to vegan cafes and juice bars in Melbourne encouraging them to promote healthier drinks called ‘’Froothie’’ - playing on the ‘’Smoothie’’ name. Froothie now supports The Vegan Society via a fundraising Partnership, and to celebrate this Froothie will be doing an exciting demonstration at VegFest this Autumn. Froothie will teach you how to whip up delicious vegan desserts and soups in minutes, smoothies in seconds.

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4.00 - Stephanie Jeffs - Raw Chinese Take-Away

Come along and be inspired by Stephanie’s gorgeous recipes! Stephanie will also be launching a competition to win a FREE place at her EXPLORE RAW COOKERY SCHOOL worth £1249.99!

Raw Foodie Stephanie Jeffs will demonstrate some of her favourite raw food dishes from her ebooks that are guaranteed to get you ready for a raw detox. Stephanie’s sessions are always fun and energetic. She will also share with 
you her tips on how she lost 9 stones and cured herself of chronic disease. Come along and grab a taste of raw and kick start your own wellness journey by watching Stephanie prepare some of her signature plates from her tantalising Chinese buffet supper. Best thing is? All you need is a knife and an imagination. 

Raw Chinese? Oh yeah. 

Download the recipes in advance and make notes in this session: FREE download of Raw24 One Day Raw Detox from

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5.00 - Dr LindaJoy Rose - Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis

This decadent dessert can be prepared in 10 minutes but will probably be gone in less time than that! A guilt-free indulgence that everyone in your family will love. Learn about the Raw Fusion philosophy and how to enhance the bio-availability of your foods. Explore sensible sweeteners, superfoods, alternate protein sources and the power of chia with a wellness expert, chef and author.

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6.00 - Aine Carlin - Keep it Vegan

Áine will be cooking one of the tasty dishes found in her new book Keep It Vegan. Áine Carlin's Keep it Vegan demystifies veganism, with 100 delicious yet simple recipes that use standard supermarket ingredients. Her creative ideas will tempt long-time vegans and newcomers alike, and even meat-eaters and dairy fans won't feel they're missing out. Chapters include Breakfast, Brunch & More, Midday Meals & Simple Suppers, Something Special and Sweet Treats, and with dishes ranging from Toasted Breakfast Burritos or Smoky Moroccan Stew to Fudgy Banana Brownies, it's time to enjoy the taste - and health benefits - of vegan food.

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12.00 - Jane Easton (Viva!) - Recipes from the Viva! Cookbook

Viva!'s food and cookery coordinator Jane Easton will demonstrate the following recipes from the Viva! cookbook:

Quick Cream of Watercress Soup – a fragrant soup thickened with protein-rich creamy white beansinstead of the traditional potato

Sauteed Squash with Olive Tapenade & Cannellini Beans – a simple to make yet sophisticated side dish that can be easily extended into a main course.

Chocolate Brownies – moist and delicious. (Plus the secrets of egg replacing revealed....)

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1.00 - Amanda Hamilton - Juice and blend your way to health!

In this hugely informative session, Amanda will demonstrate how to turn an ordinary juice into the ultimate body tonic, clear up confusion around the sugar debate and intermittent fasting and will demonstrate family-friendly smoothies that keep her own kids happy and healthy. The session includes a Q & A at the end.

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2.00 - Pasquale Amico (Amico Bio) - Aubergines with basil, rice milk mozzarella, tomatoes and crispy rocket

Pasquale Amico, founder and Head Chef of London’s first vegan/vegetarian Italian restaurant, Amico Bio, returns for the London leg of Vegfest 2014, after a successful stint at the Brighton date earlier this year.

From developing a reputation for experimental cooking, while still maintaining a feel for traditional Italian dining, Pasquale’s ethos remains the same; to create delicious food with the added benefits and variance of a vegan/vegetarian twist.

Pasquale will be preparing Aubergines with basil, rice milk mozzarella, tomatoes and crispy rocket, a perfect example of his work and determination to explore the stylings and relationship between flavour and health.

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3.00 - Toni Fiore - Deliciously Easy Protein

For nearly a decade Toni Fiore has been creating fast, easy & delicious recipes for millions of American TV and online viewers as host of Delicious TV’s Totally Vegetarian, VegEZ & Co-host of Vegan Mashup.

Toni’s cooking demo begins with breakfast, by transforming a block of tofu into a delicious Shaved Tofu Scramble. Next, she’ll create a Sweet Confetti Quinoa Salad for any time of day. These recipes are simple, budget friendly & Gluten-Free. Toni promises you’ll discover a love for tofu (and save the chickens!), and embrace Quinoa as a go-to every day food.

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4.00 - Stephen Ward - Last Days of the Raj 

Steve was born in Calcutta, India during the last days of the Raj. His parents witnessed the massacre that was 1947 partition and decided there-and-then to return to the UK the land of their ancestors. But as with all British and Anglo-Indian residents of the sub-continent they adapted some native Indian recipes and brought them half-way across the world in that post-independence exodus.

Now Steve is happy to share these secrets with VegfestUK visitors. He will be preparing one or more of the following dishes; falouries (bhajias), stuffed paratas or dawl (lentils). A free tasting will follow.

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5.00 - Tony Bishop-Weston - Dairy Free Cheese Cheats

West London Deli-boy, turned Scottish Hotelier, turned New Forest Executive consultant chef Tony Bishop-Weston author of The Vegan Cookbook presents quick vegan dairy free cheese shortcuts. Cheese free cheesecake, cheeseboards, pizza, welsh rarebit , raclette and fondue.
If your any of your friends say "I would go vegan but I just couldn't live without cheese" - drag them along to see Tony Bishop-Weston before they fill up their boots with last minute bargains on Sunday evening. Tony was blowing people's vegan preconceptions away 20 years ago up in the Highlands of Scotland on Lochbroom and there's still life in the old dog yet. Addicted to cheese by the age of 14 due to life in his family's delicatessen in West London it took him over 10 years kick the habits of half a lifetime.

His dairy free cheeseboards helped win him awards in 1994 and he and his cookbooks have continued to help undermine the value of cow's milk as a vegetarian staple ever since.

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