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Aiden Fry

Aiden Fry

Organiser of Activism and Educational Projects in the UK

Appearing Saturday 12pm in the Lifewell Hub


Since first visiting VegFest in 2013 Aiden has undergone what might be called a transformation of thought towards the issues of food. A new vegetarian diet, a budding interest in growing food and modern agricultural techniques, plus a greater awareness of global issues such as climate change, deforestation, poverty and exploitation. This last year has been a eye opening experience and Aiden is excited to share some of the solutions he sees these larger problems.

Aiden is a Point of Contact (POC) for The Venus Project (TVP) in the United Kingdom, helping to organise activism and educational projects in the UK. Aiden is a computer programmer, musician, activist, educator and pupil. He has designed and constructed his own Aquaponics system. Aiden
co­hosts The Venus Project Supporters Show on UK Collapse Radio.

The Venus Project advocates a fair future for the entire world. It promotes a complete redesign of our culture, in order to move away from politics, poverty and war; from war to peace and from scarcity to abundance for all.


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