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VegfestUK London October 5th 6th 2013

Download the event programme here

Welcome to the most ambitious and exciting veggie show there has ever been - as we stage VegfestUK in London at the brand new West Hall at Kensington Olympia. With nearly 8,000 sqm of exhibition space over two floors to fill with stalls, stages, talks, demos, workshops, cinemas, kids cookery classes and activities and around 10,000 visitors over 2 days, VegfestUK London promises to be a warm, lively and fun occasion filled with entertainment, information, education, inspiration, lots of sampling and shopping and some very tasty food.

And of course VegfestUK London presents a superb opportunity for businesses, charities and organisations to reach out to thousands of visitors at the show and hundreds of thousands of people through our marketing and sponsorship opportunities - as well as key buyers within the Natural Products and Healthy Living sectors through our extensive Trade marketing campaign, added to the considerable media attention to what is fast becoming one of the UK's favourite growth lifestyles. In fact, there's no end of reasons to exhibit at VegfestUK London in October 2013, including

·         Consumer presence - up to 10,000 health conscious and ethically aware individuals visiting the show over the two days - and of course exhibitors are welcome to sell their products as well as sample to our visitors.

·         Trade presence - a dedicated marketing campaign to ensure that plenty of people working within the Natural Product s trade in London and surrounding areas will be visiting the show, including key buyers and decision makers looking for the latest plant based products.

·         Media Presence - Journalists, bloggers, movers and shakers with an interest in healthy lifestyles and plant based products will be out in force to catch up with the latest people, products and projects from across the UK and beyond that are spearheading the growth in all things veggie.

·         Celebrity presence - VegfestUK is inviting an all star line-up to the show to take care of the comedy, entertainment and some of the talks and demos, ensuring the event is talked about well beyond the usual circles before, during and after the show - as well as attracting totally new visitors into the event.

·         'Meat and dairy' Reducer presence - our main marketing thrust for this event is geared towards the 'meat and dairy' reducers - those people who are looking to reduce their meat and dairy intake and replace with plant based options, without actually going veggie or vegan. There are potentially millions of people in the London area and beyond looking to do just that, and VegfestUK is a friendly enough and fun enough to welcome this rapidly growing market into the show - all of them looking for new experiences.

·         Veggie & Vegan Community presence - with an estimated 25,000 vegans and 250,000 veggies in London alone, there will be no shortage of visitors that already follow a plant based lifestyle, giving exhibitors a unique chance to sample and sell their products to an already discerning and educated clientele.

·         Experts presence - we are inviting a number of leading experts in the fields of plant based nutrition, lifestyle and campaigns to deliver our talks, demos and workshops, ensuring a wide range of knowledge, experience and information on offer to our visitors, suitable for beginners, those with some experience, those looking to take step further down the line right through to dedicated visitors who are experts in their own right.

·         Presence - we can guarantee that the VegfestUK London experience will be unlike any other, with a relaxed and informal vibe coupled with experienced and capable organisation. From our friendly undemanding and informative sales team right through to our production on the day, exhibitors will be treated with the utmost respect and assisted to help fit into the show on their own level, rather than forced through hoops they are not ready to take. Our events are always full of laughter, fun and entertainment coupled with excellent sales and sampling opportunities, and we promise to do our best to create a really enjoyable and rewarding event experience for our stallholders

·         Experience - we have a ten year track record of organising the world's biggest veggie events! Our 2012 Bristol show saw 25,000 visitors over 3 days in May, with 14,000 visiting the dedicated veggie food part of the show, and our Brighton event attracts between 5,000 and 6,000 visitors each year in March

·         See what they say about us!

'As vegan food distributors, we greatly appreciate any opportunity to get out of the warehouse and meet members of the public. Amongst the crowded compassionate calendar of veggie fairs and shows, one well-known event stands heads and shoulders above the rest. VegFestUK. The events combine food, product promotions, live music, information stalls and so much more. They are the perfect destination for seasoned vegans and people looking for vegan information alike. We wouldn’t miss them for the world.'  Fry's Distribution


Stalls, sponsorship, branding and marketing opportunities are all available for this amazing event

Please note, as with all VegfestUK events, everything at the show has to be 100% plant based - no animal products are permitted. 


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