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Victoria Martindale

Victoria Martindale

Campaigner and Primatologist

Appearing on Saturday October 5th at 5pm in the Lifestyle Talks room

Download the event programme here

Victoria has a background in medicine and has gone on to study an MSc in Primate Conservation. From the food we eat and the medicines we take to the clothes we wear and our consumerist lifestyle they are all having an effect on the natural environment and sadly man's activities are destroying it all. She campaigns against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation and promotes a cruelty free lifestyle which can be every bit as delicious and fulfilling as any other.

Victoria advises People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on issues of scientific policy on animal experimentation. Last year Victoria featured on BBC radio's ‘Christmas Vegan Cookery Tips,' and she has made appearances on BBC's ‘The Big Questions,' as well as being frequently invited to debate these topics on live radio. She is also a Co-editor for CANOPY journal, a book reviewer for Primate Eye, and has given numerous speeches and talks at national events, schools and colleges. She writes a regular column on topical animal rights and environmental issues for the Derby Telegraph. She recently presented at the Primate Society of Great Britain on the threat the global trade in macaques (Macaca mulatta and M. fascicularis) for biomedical research is having on their conservation status.

Check out Victoria's blog on the Independent:

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