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Vanessa Almeida

Vanessa Almeida

Vegan Chef, Blogger and Cookbook Author

Appearing on Sunday October 6th at 2pm at the book-signing stall

Download the event programme here

Vanessa Almeida is a vegan chef. She is currently finishing her studies on nutrition with a focus on - you guessed it - veganism. She launched her first cookery book "Essential Vegan Cookbook - Portuguese version" in December 2012 while in Brazil, where she also ran a cookery course.

Born in Brazil, Vanessa has been based in London since 2007. Goaded by friends who were impressed with her vegan recipes, in April 2012 she launched the Essential Vegan blog, which has now become a fully-fledged website.

In 2013 Vanessa will release the English version of her cookbook and will be introducing a new style of cookery classes to show how exciting, delicious, fun and sophisticated vegan food can be.

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